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I'm a junior philosophy/lit major with a positively unhealthy obsession for all things Harry Potter, Tolkien, and Elvish. I believe that I was an elf in a past life...yeah, as I said. Unhealthy. I tend to prefer romance stories, particularly slash because of the depth of emotion and vast number of undiscovered ideas that the subject allows. I love fics that explore the characters' psyches. I also like fics that are completely nuts, as long as they at least kind of make sense.

I am back from Spring Break, back into the world of stress from school, parents, thoughts of my future (what's that?), and play rehearsals. I should have a nice, happy little ficlet up thursday or friday. That's right - happy! absolutely no trace of angst...

Quote of the Week (from my math class, on the progression of calculus): "The question calculus starts out with is 'What is the curvature of a circle?' The answer is that the planets move in ellipses." Found this absolutely hilarious. Obviously I have not been getting enough sleep.