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Hey mina-san, this is Sujakata speaking

Age: 17

Sex: Female

Residence: Australia

Occupation: still just floating around at the moment, i have to wait six months before my course starts, so im going to volenteer down at the old folks home.

I am going to start work with my dad soon, he owns a guttering business so ill be up on the roofs cleaning the gutters, painting them, fixing them, that kind of gear so i'll be outdoors more and probably be out the entire day, so less time to be writing fics *sighs* though it should be fun :D I cant wait until the new episodes of DBZ comes out on cheez tv, and cardcaptors, woohoo, ok well got to go and get some sleep so read through this if you need any help and such :D

Finished fic:


WiZz FiZz- X-men- Remy/Rogue

The Hate Card- Card Captor Sakura- Sakura/Syaoran

Stake Out- X-men- Remy/Rogue

SAKURA cherry blossom- Card Captor Sakura- Sakura/Syaoran

Made Of Stone:MG01- Dragon Ball Z- Bulma/Vegeta

Eve Angel- Card Captor Sakura- Sakura/Syaoran

Blue and Black- Dragon Ball Z- Bulma/Vegeta

Fics I am Working on

XIAOLANG little wolf- Card Captor Sakura- Xiaolang/Sakura

Sacred Sword- Rurouni Kenshin- Battousai/Kaoru

All other fics are now on hold until these two are compleated.

Some help with my Favourite Authors since i have them from everywhere.


Name- favourite fic- pairing

Evil Karyta- The Taste of your life- Sakura/Syaoran
Kinomoto Sakura- Card Captor Sakura- Altered world- Sakura/Syaoran
KayJuli- The Power of Two Hearts- Sakura/Syaoran
JadeWing- Shin no Chikara- Sakura/Syaoran
Star shower- GW/CCS crossover- Fighting the Future- Sakura/Heero
Little Wolf LOVER- Queen of the wolves- Sakura/Syaoran
Kotsch- Buddies in love- Sakura/Syaoran
Gihyou- Our World Reborn- Sakura/Syaoran


Baby Buruma- Dragon ball the real saga- Bulma/Vegeta
Hella- An Alternate Love- Bulma/Vegeta
Illusory- Frozen Tears- Bulma/Vegeta
TetrisX- The Chosen one- Bulma/Vegeta
Rev Kurame- Daylight in your eyes- Bulma/Vegeta
Valeyard- Communication Breakdown- Bulma/Vegeta
Brucie Lee- A Twist of Luck- Bulma/Vegeta
Trinity6399- Brothers Bride- Bulma Vegeta


Black Queen- From the Shadows- Remy/Rogue
Sovrin- Devil to pay- Remy/Rogue
Ezmee- Every World need Its hero- Rogue/Pietro
Scribbler- Of beast and blade- ?
Disturbed Courtney/Lilith K- Twisted Christmas the X-men way- Remy/Rogue
Lolitas sister- Envie- Remy/Rogue


Miss Chips- I hate that i dont hate you- Briar/Sandry
Sorka Robinton- i always knew- Briar/Sandry


KawaiiChica- When i fall in love- Kenshin/Kaoru
Kei- Affairs of the heart- Kenshin/Kaoru
Marstanuki- TIMELESS- Battousai/Kaoru

And thats it for now, there are so many fics that i'd love to have in here but im only allowed thrity fav fics and thirty fav authors which sucks. Ok well, hopefully that has helped you out. There really isnt that much else that you need to know about.