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Right, am off. There, short and simple, huh? Well, I haven't visited in a while, there isn't any point as all I came here for were the NC17 fics (yes, I like smut). I just stopped by to a) save all my reviews; b) write this; c) marvel at the fact that now has a dictionary, they must realise at least 50% of the authors have a monkey's grasp of the English language; and d) say thank you to everyone who has ever reviewed.

The reviews meant a lot to me, mainly because I view all my stories in a 'God, why did I post that online?' way, so the encouragement you all gave me was gratefully received, thank you. And if anyone reviews in the future (if my account's still here): thank you too.

I will continue to write, but will update my own fiction archive: http:///deceiving. That will be updated as often as I can write something new.

Thank you again to everyone for your support.

EDIT: torturedwriter - evil girl, best friend - has co-written a fic with me. Our profile can be found here: