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~Kitar can be shortened to Kit or Kitty~
*A/S/L: 17/Female/Wisconsin
*Birthday: June 28th,1985
*Favorite Color: Sky Blue
*Favorite Food: Apples
*Favorite Animes: Dragonball (Original, Z, and GT) Gundam Wing, Tenchi (Muyo and Universe) Robotech (Macross and Southern Cross) Outlaw Star, Princess Mononoke, Record of Lodoss War, Pilot Candidate and Cowboy Bebop
*Dragonball Couples: Goku/Chichi, Vegeta/Bulma, Krillin/18, Goten/Bra, Trunks/Pan, Uubu/Marron I'm not a really big fan of odd couples (Ex: Vegeta/Pan), but I promise I don't flame people for them, and occasionally I do read odd couples. As for T/P, G/B, U/M the reason I like those couples instead of T/M, U/P etc.. is some of the first fanfics I read had them. One other thing I am I big fan of original characters. ^_^
*Fic Ratings: I won't read NC-17, however I am NOT against those who like NC-17. I will read R, but no lemons!!! I skip lemon chapters.
*Other: I Like Drawing, Writing, Tree Climbing, and I have a hopeless addiction to Nintendo games. Right now my favorite games are Dragon Warrior (I, II, and III) and Zelda Ocarina of Time. Also, I'm REALLY bad at spelling and grammar so Watch Out!


NEWS!!!! (1-5-03)
*I'm still alive! and I've finally updated "Saiyan Games" Thank you for your patience during my spell of writer's block. Many hugs for you all! ^_^

I might be making a sequel to Lighting: "Battles in the Sky" I'm thinking about it ^_~

I'm getting the feeling that no one reads my poems If you do read them, could you please review so I know people are reading them.

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