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Hi there. This be my new and improved bio thingy :)

General stuff about me: Well, let's see... A little bit about myself. I'm 19, married... yes I know It's young, but I couldn't be happier!! I am also attending college at the University of North Texas. Hmm, what else? I play the saxophone. *sax-a-ma-phone!!!*

Name: Well, I'm gonna go out on a limb here and say that my name is Tim... the Enchanter. (hehe, you Monty Python fans know what I'm talking about) You could also call me "Timmeh," as Th' Lady Shadow has so eloquently dubbed me.

Hobbies: Hmm. Right now, I'm working on "Distant Enmity," the sequel to "A Time for Reflection." This one isn't just random fluff, whoo hoo! It has plot! *beams*

Hmm, believe or not, I tried my hand at a lemon. Check it out, it's probably the first and last time I'll ever do something like that.

Of course, I love all Final Fantasy games, and I adore spending time with my wife and friends. Of course, I play mucho saxophone, and it's gonna be my minor at college simply because I love it, I think.

Job: *Update: May 21, 2002* I now have a job!!!! Wheee, it's computer stuff, and I get to write lots and lots of checks for a real estate guy. It's quite fun spending other people's money, ya? It's very part-time, however, but at least I don't feel like such a bum anymore!! I'm still working on fixing up an old house for me and my wife, and of school *will* come up again quickly, so I'm staying mucho busy.

I suppose that's about it when it comes to, umm, me. Not that interesting, ne? Anyway, if your so inclined, read my stories. But if you do, you must review! Or... Or... I'll use my, uhh, enchantment on you! It's helluva tough! (heh, Mr. T cracks me up... Look for the Mr. T vs. Final Fantasy VII website. That is some funny stuff!!!)

Later peoples!