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My rant:

I some of the radical pro-DBZ fans really tick me off in the SM/DBZ section of . It's okay to express one's opinions of shows and stories, but it's another thing to be overtly rude. Name calling of the characters, authors, or anything is completely unnecessary. Why can't the debate be kept to ACTUAL arguments, not- 'the Sailor Scouts are stupid sluts.' Crap like that doesn't promote diversity and discussion- it promotes closed-minded, ill-prepared, non-logic based spats that just offend people. Remember the golden rule: treat others as you wish to be treated.

In other news...

I just started Inyuasha (well, up to DVD set 4)! It's absolutely wonderful! I'm considering a SM/Inuyasha fic soon, but I guess I'd better concentrate on finishing the ones I have, neh? If you would like to see such a fic, e-mail me (katiejedi@).

Cartoon Network-
Please stop playing with watchers and either start showing Sailor Moon again or stop teasing us with the Sailor Moon movies- don't be a jerk.

U.S. Politics-

Because the authors here at value freedom of speech and expression, I would encourage all authors (and readers) to vote Democratic in the upcoming elections to protect our freedoms that people like Att. General John Ashcroft try to destory. Let's work together and get in candidates that promote OUR views! Missourians- vote Carnahan for U.S. Senate!