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Hey guys! Texas' number one 'Nsync fan here! :-P

Hey, guys! It's me--SuPeRcHiCLUVSJC! Well, hope you guys don't mind the new pen name, hehe.

..:~In Our Dreams Fiction~:..

Is doing great! I've been nominated numerously, as well as the other great girls that write for me, and I wanted to thank you all for the continuous support and reviews! :)

Hmm..anyone find it funny that most of the stories on my "Favorite's" are slash? *evil grin*

Yay, I've got a new live journal! Check it out here, homies:

Please remember that I'm a fiction fan, too, and I love reading new, exciting stories! If you'd like for me to read a story of yours that you would highly recommend, don't feel embarassed about plugging it in when you review one of my stories! :)

"We do it for the fans, because without them, we're nothing."-'NSYNC