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G'day Gorgeous,

Ahh making it seem individualised smart ploy there Apple. OK well as the little thing *no not ahem's appendage* states I have to provide you with a bio. Fortunately for me it didn't state whether or not it had to be witty so I think I will just rattle of my collection of Shakespeare, Dickens, Eyre, Bronte etc etc.

Well lets start with the ever cheery basics my name is Apple *erm ain't my real name for those blondes out there and yes I am an honournary blonde until Mr Schwarzkopf stepped up and saved me* and I am nineteen years old. I am at Uni studying my precious little nogkin out which usually is fried half the time staring at my laptop.

So what do I do to amuse myself. Eeeewww not wanting the first thought that popped in there. I am such an honest Catholic / Jewess girl at times.

Well I write for a little online arts site called ArtslineUK. Go visit it or me will have your nogkins. I take photographs including some very racy ones of Mr James (Ingles whaaaaatever) "nice and slow" oooh baby yeah... getting distracted *slaps face*. I write stories, go to the movies, listen to music, play sports and be a general nuisance, however the council hasn't prohibited me from leaving the house so I still have FREEEEEEEDOM.

I also love chatting with my chummie bums, well they ain't bums as in no-hopers but they are chummie bums so big wave to Sarah, Kay and Bee and I love ya heaps. You make me who I am. Not literally cor I wouldn't let these three girls make an ideal fella what with Will Young, Stephen Gately and Darren Carter I can see that result now.

Anything else I'm sure you with your finely honed stalking skills can locate me on the net and I do have MSN although one could stay it has a mind of its own, I am purely a slave (4 U *starts singing Britney*) to the multinational corporation that is Microsoft. BUT HEY AREN'T WE ALL.

So let me know what you think of my stories.

Tah Muchly.

Apple xxx