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Hi, I'm Elspeth, also known as Elspethdixon. I'm a sophmore Creative Writing major at Hollins University. I have a fully functional anime and fantasy obsession and write mainly Harry Potter fanfic (Snape, Sirius, and Lupin are my favorites, as well as Lucius Malfoy and Percy Weasley). I'm also working on a novel set in WWII England, but none of that's posted here.

I also act as a beta for Draqonelle's Harry Potter stuff (shamelessly pluggs Draqonelle's fics). We frequently steal ideas off each other, so if certain characters or inccidents in one of our stories sounds familiar (go Caius the Raven!), y'all will know why.

About my stuff: My Harry Potter stories all involve the same original characters and the same backstories for most of the characters involved, but some are slash and some are not. Think of it as two parallel universes.
Not All Scars are Visible
A Terrible Beauty
Hey there Li'l Red Riding Hood
Gravity (wip)
Both storylines
Prophet of Doom
Pollution (wip)
Black Hole

My Trigun stuff: I currently have four Trigun fics, all in the same continuity. In chronological order, they are:
Scars, Cigarettes, & Scripture
Crying Over Spilt Coffee

I also have a collection of Harry Potter filks.

If you read nothing else of mine, read "A Terrible Beauty" and "Mercy." Those two are my personal favourites.