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I am female, 21, and happy with both. When I'm not in school learning how the world can be a better place, I'm watching Team Rocket (oh yeah the show's really called Pokemon), Tenchi, Courage the Cowardly Dog, Jackie Chan, oh heck almost everything animated. Or I'm playing Final Fantasy 7, 8, 9 (too broke for PS2 ); that's after getting through with pokemon, Digimon, and Monster Rancher series. I also make my own jewelry (charms from craft wire), clothes (slicing up t-shirts with scissors and safety pinning yards of more material on my JNCOs), framing puzzles and needlepoint, making music on MTV Music Generator (I wholeheartedly recommend it-- putting premade beats and riffs together makes ANYONE sound good), stomping around on Dance Dance Revolution (the only way I can dance in real life) and doing handpainted tattoos I learned from Busch Gardens. Email me about any of it and I'll tell you, especially the TATTOO stuff.

Finally, my favorite genre is ~kawaii~. ^_^
"What Would Aeris Do?" ^_~

UPDATES-- My two stories have been up for one day, and already I have 1 FF9 Fratley review and 3 Jessie and James reviews. Thank you all! (sniff) You never really know how good you are until exposed for others' examination and critique. NUTSY, my first reviewer, if you give an email I'll answer your questions from the review, I promise. Bye for now!

In case someone doesn't like a review, I want to clear up a few things:

Grammar-- If a friend is messed up -- zipper open, makeup smeared, body parts in the wrong place -- I say something; letting her/him go walking around like that all day would be awful. With grammar, if you use an entirely wrong word (you're=you are, your=ownership; they're=they are, their=ownership, there=location; it's=it is, its=ownership, who's=who is, whose=ownership) I'll SAY SO nicely so you can fix it. That is not insulting. Isn't it better than letting accidents interfere with the quality of your story?
Content-- Unlike The Haiku Police whose reviews consist of "Your poem is incorrect" I do say what I think of the story regardless of errors. For instance, I support any couple in love whether or not the two are my own choice, such as the controversial Aeris and Sephiroth. And I am not phobic about a couple based on females... or males... or nonhumans (Nanaki!) The catch is, convince me they are capable of love for each other. Until reformed by death I doubt the unrepentant mass-murderer had the potential. Otherwise... all levels of sex should be sacred, special, and For Love Only! I would cheer on graphic love scenes, but not sex scenes. The difference is *intent*.
Flames-- Do I give bad reviews for writing about child molestation, forced, drugged, or coersive rape (including ANY form of unwanted sex), or other sexual abuse? No. #1, some of the best stories I've read were _dramas_ about ESCAPING from abuse, just like the best story on the Net, written by Sergeant Phoenix, dealt with Zell's suicide attempt, depression, and chancy recovery. Like he said, that doesn't mean he is "trying to kill Zell". Once again, the difference is purpose. #2, If something is R-rated, NC17-rated, marked hentai or lemon, I stay away, I don't go there just to tell them they're perverts. They already know! That's as dumb as saying yaoi (male & male) and yuri (female & female) stories are gay. Um, yes, they're aware of that. But putting sexual assault... in a PG13... _comedy_... and thinking it's funny WILL earn a flame.

For all the rest of you kawaii writers, you'll be hearing exactly which lines of yours I like the most.
~Good life to you. ~ Soliloquy Addams~