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Hello,I'm Merusa!

I'm still writing the Order of the Phoenix- the next chapter is almost finished!

Harry Potter Series:


a series of Romantic Comedys with action and drama woven through it.

Bittersweet: Year Five, in progress, in which Voldemort is defeated, H/G dance in many ways, R/Hr refuse to figure it out, Sirius is free (yay!), Dumbledore has no choice but to listen to Professor Trewlawny, and Remus is just along for the ride.

Issues of Trust and Fate: Year Six, will be started after Bittersweet is finished, in which a clock is changed, the Common Room becomes unwelcome, and yet another annoying Dark Lord comes into foces.

Blood Rush: Year Seven, will be started after "Issues of Trust and Fate" is posted and finished, in which Harry feels more guilt then ever and makes a ridiculous scheme with Ginny, our new Marauders pull the best pranks ever, and other stuff that I can't reveal yet.

The World as we Don't Know It: Post-Hogwarts follow up, with a lot of twists for our poor charries, and in which there is moving ins, talk of matrimony, and a huge unexpected surprise. Life just can't be simple for them, can it?

Review! I love you all!