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Here I am, updating this stupid thing AGAIN.
Age: 14
Gender: female
Qutoe of the however-often-I-update: "Our constitution's Executive twig is really quite simple: Evelyn is the Supreme Ruler of All. In her absence, the table will get up, do the Hokey Pokey, and Invisible Bob will be leader for today."
Favorite Anime: Ooooh, too many! Probably Inu Yasha right now.
Favorite pairings: Miroku/Sango, Ron/Hermione. I gotta write a Harry Potter fic someday... Or a HP/IY crossover... OOH! *chibi Neko Kaylana runs off*
Ah, yes, something else to explain. My nekos. I guess I'll put em up here in my profile.

My nekos are like my alter-egos, each with their own quirks. They're often in my reviews, author's notes, and occasionally pop up in my stories, although my Halloween special is the only one where they're actually charachters themselves(well, minorly in An Experiment Gone WRONG). Anyways.

Ears/tail: white
Hair: orange, short, curly
Clothes: blue school uniform(the ones with longer skirts)
Weapon: The Whappy Thngie of Doom.
Birthday: October 21, 2001.

PSYCHO NEKO KAYLANA(PNK)- my editor, neko of technicalities, grammar, etc. Ears/tail: Black & orange striped
Hair: black, long, straight, ponytail
Eyes: brown
Clothes: usually a yellow sundress, but she varies
Weapon: The Fountain Pen of Justice.
Birthday: unknown as of now, wait till I get back the PSAT scores(don't ask)

ANGEL NEKO KAYLANA(ANK)- neko of justice, righteousness, and banana pudding. Don't ask, it's a long story.
Ears/tail: gold
Hair: blonde, straight, shoulder-length
Eyes: blue
Clothes: angel dress with a blue sash
Weapon: The Glorious Implement of Smitefulness
Birthday: October 29, 2002

ROGUE NEKO KAYLANA(RNK)- neko of theivery, shiny stuff, and stealth and such.
Ears/tail: neon green
Hair: neon green
Eyes: red
Clothes: Ranma-type shirt and black pants, black cloak
Weapon: The Wrong Tree(the one ppl are always barking up?), except she plated it in gold to make it shiny.
Birthday: November 10, 2002

MELANCHOLY NEKO KAYLANA(MNK)- neko of death, depression, and destruction.
Ears/tail: black
Hair: red,short, straight hair w/ a single black streak on the left side
Eyes: black
Clothes: black tshirt with red letters "Life Sux", black baggy pants w/ a rip and skulls on the sides.
Weapon: The Pointy Thing of Death, Destruction, and General Discomfort.
Birthday:January 4, 2003

There ya go. I think that's enough insanity for one night.

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