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Hello, I'm Tafadhali!

in high squeaky voice* Hello, Tafadhali!

You pronounced my name wrong, didn't you?

h.s.v.* No!

Yes you did.

h.s.v.* Nuh-uh!

shakes head sadly* Little liars...In case you're wondering my name is pronounced: Taf-UH-duh-holly. More or less. And no, I'm not swahili, I just have an unusual name!

h.s.v.* *whisper* *whisper*

What's that? You want MORE information on me? Why? Because? That's not a very good reason. Shut up.

Name: Tafadhali. No duh.
Age: Ageless. Really. No, I'm NOT making it up. Always so suspicious of the girl with green hair...
Height: 5'6" *beams of sunny light* Taller than Merc-chan.
Weight: *blank stare*
Favorite Food: Pasta pasta pasta pasta, RAMEN! Pasta, really.
Mental Status: Completely insane.
Currently Reading: As You Like It, by Shakespeare; Plato's Dialogues, by (guess who) Plato; The Vampire Armand and Pandora, by Anne Rice; White Oleandor, by ?

Thank y'all for reading that! And for clicking on the link to my website (hint hint).Not that you had any choice. If you look carefully, you will discover that all the doors are locked from the outside! MWAHAHAHAHA!...Hey, wait, I'm locked in! HELP! HEEEEEEEEEEEEELP MEEEEEE! *static*

We interupt this broadcast to bring you an important announcement from our sponsor:

For those fans of Mercuria Stardust and myself, we now have a new account (Merc Taf), for all of our lovely collabs. Including Roseview Saga. GO THERE. Cheers!

1.04.03. Yay! I've decided to get off my lazy arse and update. ACTUALLY updated. First step: removing that Mary Sue I wrote decades ago. *shudders* I needed to get PAST that stage in my life and luckily I did so, quite some time ago. I've vowed to add a story by the end of the month, but crappy poetry must suffice for now. ^.^ Talk to y'all later!

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Running reviews
When you're being chased by Them, there's no time for regret.
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A poem I wrote for English class (had to be in the style of Blake and about innocence and experience). All about Aphrodite! Whee!
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Sometimes I feel as though everything is beyond my control, as though I have no real power over my life. Usually only late at night, though, when I should be doing a school assignment. ^.^ *EDITED*
Poetry: General - Rated: K+ - English - Angst - Chapters: 1 - Words: 125 - Reviews: 2 - Published: 1/23/2003
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Just a short --really short-- poem I wrote about my sister. It was written at four in the morning, so bear with me.
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