Charles and Oz
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Joined 01-29-02, id: 162203
Names: Charles Edward von Albert de Pialsa XIII
Oz the Great and Powerful
Sex: FEMALE!!!! (yeah that's right girls with guys names ha!)
Age: 15
Fave color: Blue and silver
Fave food: Pizza and slurpees
Fave actors: Elijah Wood, Russel Crowe, Josh Hartnett, Tom Hanks the great one!
Fave Directors: Tim Burton, Steven Spielberg, Peter Jackson
Fave bands: Charles- New found Glory, Green Day, Stroke 9, Enya, Lord of the rings soundtrack
Oz- Enya, Lord of the rings soundtrack, John Williams
Fave movies: The bumblebee flies anyway, Lord of the rings, The Faculty, Gladiator, (Charles likes Spartacus and The War)

That's us!!!! Muhahhahahahahahaha!!!! Notice any patterns? We believe that Elijah Wood is an acting genius since back in the day! It's nothing recent! HAHAHAHA! As for our stories, Flame if you feel it's necessary! We got lots of water.