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Well, best to start with who (and what?) I am. I live in the UK countryside, though I didn't always, and I'm currently 17 - and still don't feel it. : )p I spend a lot of my mental time in the space between realities, otherwise known as "the Void", with my friend Sparky the Seventh Chaos, our various favourite people from alternate realities, and of course our mascot, Squishy. He's a Metroid. Why? Because there's no possible reason for us to have a Metroid as a mascot, and no-one in their right mind would anyway! So yes, Squishy is our mascot because it makes no sense whatsoever. We're like that. : )p ^_^

My favourite things to do are, in no particular order:
* Play computer games (faves include or have included Ultima Underworld II, Privateer, Final Fantasy VIII, Morrowind, Sonic [Adventure, Adventure 2, Metroid [Prime, Fusion, Zero Mission])
* Read books (So many! Can't... decide... favourites... ^^' I like sci-fi/fantasy, and I think that's about as narrow a definition as you'll get. ^^')
* Write stories, solo or otherwise (no, really? ^_^ Yup, these are a small selection of the originals that have occurred in my mind, and another small selection of fanfictions can be found on my FanFiction.Net ID - Ardil the Traveller, again. Also, co-authored stories - written with Sparky the Seventh Chaos - can be found under the name Erisalin. There's only one up right now because they're almost all still in IM-transcript form! We are lazy. ^^')
* Walk around in the countryside and generally enjoy being alive! ^_^

Having been gone for a long time, I've decided to completely redo all my favourites (but for one link to the past...) and start again, although the old stories are still staying up and may even someday get finished.

A lot of things have changed since first I came to this site, but I'm still basically the same as I was before. The focus of my attention is now mainly in the Metroid universe, however all stories so far written there are co-authored via IM with Sparky the Seventh Chaos, and are in very rough form at present - see above. Another attention-focus lies in original writing, but I've been spending most of my writing time co-authoring, and so none of that's gone anywhere much recently... besides which, I'm paranoid about my favourites. _ ^^'

I still like Rush, and also Blind Guardian; if you know what to look for you can even find elements in some of my stories that have been influenced by various songs - notably Sonic's dream sequences in Only Yesterday (fanfic), the whole of which was in fact originally inspired by Blind Guardian's "I'm Alive". Another Blind Guardian-inspired one is Civilisation Falls Eternal, taking its inspiration mainly from... drat, I've forgotten the title. ^^' Will display on remembering to look. ^^' However, Rush are still my favourite. ^_^ ...I'm going to see them live later this year! That's going to be so cool! ...That was completely irrelevant.

Other irrelevant things I do include throwing my hands up and shouting "We're finished!" at completely random moments. So now you know I am mad. : )p

I am owned by, and only barely resist bowing to the every whim of, two cats. I'm on approximately equal footing with my rabbit, have an edge over my brother's dog, and look after another brother's mouse. This currently concludes the list of family pets - currently. ^_^ My favourite small animal so far - there have been mice, gerbils, hamsters, and rats - is without doubt the rat, a most lovely and intelligent animal, despite common depictions of rats as evil.

I also like singing, though whether or not I'm much good at it, I wouldn't know, being as I'm the one on the inside and have never had lessons or anything. I need to get a new string for my guitar, which I intend to mess about with until I get the idea of what I'm supposed to be doing with it! ^^' Basically, I just like music, whether attempting to make it myself or listening to it from others - provided it's not... wait, rant alert, best to shut up before rants happen. : )p ^^'

...And I never know what to put in a profile. So on that note, I will sign off, hoping that you enjoy my stories!

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