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Well, well well. Time for none other than the famous bio's. To tell you the truth, I don't exactly like bio's. It seems so stupid to write down a bunch of info on yourself when you could very well just save you fingers and say it. But, for your sake, I'm writing it. Well, typing it.
Most people would either call me Yaz or Yazzy. Personally, I prefer Yaz. My real name is...actually, who cares what my real name is? I came up with the pen name 'moonlight tears' because most people save their crying until they're safe and sound in their beds late at night. Anyway, something you really should know about me is that I ain't the best writer in the world. I got some weird poems and short stories. If you don't like them, don't read them. If you do, read and review.
Ok, a little about myself. I'm obviously a girl (what kind of guys would have a pen name like moonlight tears?). I'm a freshman at River Hill High School and I play tons of sports. Basketball, swimming, volleyball, and tennis. I LOVE to dance (modern NOT ballet) and sing although I absolutly suck at singing. I'm an independent girl sometimes and sometimes not. I got my own fashion sense and I despise the super snotty girls who look like they just stepped out of a fashion magazine. Sure they may be pretty, but they're fake pretty. No offense.
Few of my favorite quotes (not the pathetic ones that you hear everyday about life and own ones):

"Come what may..." (Me and Eunice singing our song we took while making fun of Moulin Rouge)

"Everyone: talk slow, think fast
Anna: talk fast, think slow" (It's one hundred percent true!)

"Ew! He's wearing a black pantyhose!"
"Pizza Face!"
*turns to look* "Oh my God! He looks like a ballerina!"
"Yeah and the shorts on top of the pantyhose looks like a tutu,"
"Matches his personality..." (Anna and me discussing the track outfit Pizza Face had on)

"FREE CANDY!!!!!!" (Me, Shannon, and Anna running to the hotel shop where we thought they had candy for free. Ended up not free)

"Miss Teen USA! Ms. New Jersey...Ms. New York...Ms. North Carolina...Ms. South Carolina...Ms. Florida...and Ms. Alabama!" (Kara, Shannon, me, Janelle, Anna, and Megan fooling around in the hotel)

Ok, I had enough and I'm sure you did.

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