Celina the flaming psychopath
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Umm...I like cheese (hence my e-mail address).
I like to say Yay! and Moo ha ha. B.T.W 'Mwa ha ha'is beyond evil and should never ever ver be said because its sooooo horrobil it gives evil a bad name! I mean its almost as bad as little pink bunnys (shudder).
Back to me! I have the tendincy to rename people. I have words of the week and I somtimes say if I hate a word in the middle of a story.
Celina is my real name and not an misspelled attempt to be like Celena Shezar.
I've never seen the undubbed version of anything anime (though I know pretty much every thing about undubbed versions).
I'm a day vampire, who (according to Jen)can't swim because of this fact. Oh yeah, I am strange, especcially when I'm hyper, but so is almost every other person on this site. I hint alot! Uh...Im a demonic being (hense me vampire-ness) and Im more or less evil. Im also very sadistic! if I get bored of a story (or cant think of an ending) I kill off everyone, or the main charecter. Uhh...Im not going to say my age cause some ppl might not aprove of my sick sick mind being in my oh so young body (hint: Im at least 14 as of oct 9 2002)!
Since were on the subject of my sick sick mind!...Im very very very very very very sick and twisted! I've learned how to make ANYTHING sound bad (wich is a great talent)!
Im mildly uncreative and a very crappy writer (unless I havent slept in 16 hours). Uh, but I love the stories in my account cause all the ones I wrote alone, I was half asleep.
Warning: Its not intellegent to flame my storys cause I have a very bad temper and a very big flamethrower!
Uhh...I absolutly LOVE e-mails! (cept forwards, I get enough of those from ppl I know *she says while pointing at Andry-chan*)I also like Im (instant messages) both my e-mails have msn, so feel free to annoy me (unless ur a stalker, than u can sign up for my stalkers annonymos club)! And, yes I have nothin better to do than read emails all night long! Anyway...

My fave colour is: black!

My fave anime (in no perticular order): Angel Sanctuary!!!, Cardcaptors, Yu-gi-oh, Sailor moon, MonColle nights (here that fanfiction.net?!), Angel Sanctuary, Slayers, Magic Nights Rayearth, Escaflowne, Deos Hello Kitty count?, Digimon (sept first season), Angel Sanctuary (though I've only seen the manga), Beyblade, Angel Sanctuary, Angelic Layer, Android Maico 2010, Ghost in the shell, and any that I havn't thought of yet

My fave hobbie is sleeping and torturing ppl!
Me: Ain't that right Carlie!
Carlie: Please god help me!
Me: Sorry Carlie-chan, he cant help u now! Moo
ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

What I look like: Uhh, dirty blond hair (till I dye it black), blue/grey/green eyes, and uhh...pale? (I'm a vamp remeber?)

Anyway...I've run out of things to say so...Read my stories GODDAMIT! Moo ha ha ^_-!

P.S. Here's a cool site that has a potition gainst the NC-17 ban! It's got 26256 signatures to date! Sign it! NOW NOW NOW! ... aren't I great at advertising! ^_^;

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A really, really angsty little poem.
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