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Joined 02-01-02, id: 163608 name is Christina, friends call me Cammy or stupid. I love to write as you can tell, why else would I be here!!?? I've written stories so far about Harry Potter, LOTR (Lord of the Rings), Fushigi Yugi, Slayers, and some other anime stories or whatever. Those who help me write these stories when I have writers block is Severus Snape. He says he has nothing better to do but move me along. He's not as good a writer as me though!! nya nya! Hey, when is the fifth book coming out?? What's up with that! I love marshmellows. Here are some other pen names you must look up...or you shall face my evil-doom-stare!! Gelise, Saria Black, and...I'm out of idea's. Aren't I smart. Well, go to those two or I will squeak my Spooky in your ear until you're head explodes.

P.S. I...LOVE...Johnny the Homicidal Maniac and anything that Jhonen Vasquez creates. I am going to meet him someday...and be very famous. MUWHAHA!!
ReAd mY sToriEs...rEad dErn iT!! REEEEAAADDD!!!

I will rule the world...with Waddle by my side. (My stuffed penguin) Hail my Waddle!! OR DIE!!

Haha...Eat...OR DIE!! If yOuR a TrUe JTHM faN yOu kNoW wHat I'm TalkiNg aBoUt.