Sophia le Fay
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My name is Sophia Faye.

(Sophia means Wisdom in greek and Faye means Fairy in French)

I am decended from the Fairy Folk, giving me magical powers. :-)

I love Reading, Art, Buissness and skiing.

Right now I am working in a flower shop as a floral designer. And now part time for a realestate agency.

I plan to open my own buissness that specializes in hand-crafted things(mostly jewelry and clothes) made by Artisans from around the world.

I have a cat named Minina, who can see ghosts and fairies. And a dog named Prince.

I am petite, with dark wine colored hair and dark eyes.

I am 18 and taking a year or two off before college to find myself. With all my free time I decided to give fanfiction a try. I've always been interested in writing but never really tried something like this before. So far I think it's a lot of fun.

Until the next time,


And remember, Life is what you make of it, so make the best of it. Magic still exists in the world. When you point a finger at someone, notice how 3 are pointing back at you. God speaks to your through your consience so listen to it once in a while. Don't forget who you once were. Know that everyone has a best that they can be.

"The wise are not learned, the learned are not wise." Lao-tse.

Big news*Next fan fic coming soon, Tenchi Muyo based of course. Decided to post a mystery/romance instead!!!! go check it out!