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I am a British 16-year-old. As well as writing, I enjoy anything to do with performing arts, reading, listening to music (mainly West End musicals), and have a fascination for folklore, mythology (especially Greek) and Arthurian legend, referances to which may or may not crop up in up coming stories from me. I write mainly fanfiction for Harry Potter, but I have a couple of ideas in the pipeline for LOTR. I do have plans for an original story, but I won't put it here, as I want to try to get it published for real when it's done.

Works in Progress:
For The World I Love
Sins of the Immortal (currently being edited and re-written in many parts)
Vampire!Dan (for want of a better title) A supernatural Daniel Radcliffe fanfiction where the only romances involving Daniel are between him and characters readers have asked me to put in the story. This was written as a form of reply to the many Dan Radcliffe/Orlando Bloom/Elijah Wood/other actors fics I read here which all had the same format (fan meets idol, fan and idol fall in love, there are difficulties, the couple live happily ever after/one of them dies). Find it at under 'Fan Creativity' by the user name Aoide.

Completed Stories:
If Tomorrow Never Comes (a songfic to the Ronan Keating/ Garth Brookes song). Find it at in Astronomy Tower under the user name angelic01.

I'm also a member of the POLA on fiction alley park and our official website.

So that's me! Now you know me a little better, feel free to scroll down and click on one of my stories.