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Mar. 19 2003~Me: *walks out slowly in a samurai outfit* I have been watching Rurouni Kenshin lately, which is really good i think so far (only seen 2 epiosodes)I am sorry that i havent been on for a while.

Straflower-i luv that show, a sword is for protection not for killing... and you should be sorry.

ME- I am *sigh* things at the house have been
hectic. I finally put up the first original story i have ever written, which is over at . It is just the intro, but it will get better believe me, chapter 4 is where the fun starts! I am working on Highschool Life, dont worry it is not dead. But it will probably be a while till get up the next few chappies. I want to write the next few chappies before i post them, so you will definatley get regular postings. I am also kinda stuck right now, but dont worry, i am working!

Starflower- yes i shall make sure of that... he he he!

Me- *big eyes* oh no... well for the fanfiction side of things, i might do a dragonball z or inuyacha one shot... i have ideas i just need to get them organized. My first priorites are my original stories, but if i come up with a good idea for a fanfic story i'll be sure to start it adn post it up quickly. till lata *waves* cy and stay safe!

ME: Hiya, i am lilstarblossom and i love reading fanfictions, and so i decided that i should start to write some. Here's a little 'bout myself...

Age- 15

Sex- yes please (lol from austin powers) But no i am a girl, duh.

Fav animes-DragonballZ, Cardcaptors/CardcaptorSakura, Ranma 1/2,and Inuyasha NEW FAV~ Princess Nine which is the best eva!!! His and Her Circumstances,and Chance Pop Session!
Fav Mangas- Marmalade Boy, Ranma 1/2, Saint Tail, Kodocha, yeah buddy those are some good ones there!

Fav Quote- "'Look it's Popcorn people'-Goku 'What is he on?'- Vegeta"- from DBZ, OMG THAT WAS SOOO FUNNY!! lol

Starflower(he's a little flying cat/rabbit thing):Hi yall, I help the loser in her stories and make sure she updates and stuff!

ME: I am not a loser*gives him evil glar, if you aren't nice to me you will get no chocolate pudding!!!


ME: We'll see, we'll see! *laughs evil*

~*~*~*~ STATAS ON STORIES*~*~*~*

First True Christmas: (DBZ) this story is about Videl and Gohan, and showing basically their Christmas together with the rest of the DBZ gang, a romance and comedy! (I AM DONE, i am so proud of myself)

HIGHSCHOOL LIFE: (Original fic)about Brooke, Tory, Angela, Mark, Matthew, and Derek all going over seas to Portugaul(?) for a month with their teacher Mr. Goodman. Execpt some people arent the best of friends in their little group. See what happens to them in this story. Romance, Comedy, and Drama later on. (Short break, but am sitll working on teh next few cahppies)

Guardians of Waeak- This was the first orginal story i wrote ever. I have finally put it up, though the intros along with the first few chappies might be slow it will get alot more excting i promise... The legend goes of 8 gaurdians of Waeak who protect it form the Evil, but what does this hafta do with 8 regualar people form Earth?? Their lives shall never be the same, and if they dont stop the force here, Earth is next. This is and Action/Adventure/Romance/Comedy story, well that is what i'm shooting for. (Working on as you read, postings every week or every 2 weeks)

Love For Music: American names in this fic. A battle of the bands contest is at Li and Sakura's school, and just so ya know Meilin is in this fic. Girls vs Boys in the fic and will Li and Sakura ever get together??? couplings L/S E/M original character/Meilin Romance and Comedy, a tiny bit of Drama also if you want to count that. (I am and have if you can guess been taking a break on this fic, sorry ^_^ i will continue and get up the last/ last two chappies later this school year)

Story of Knights: This is a story about a young girl named Allie and her quest to become a knight. She gose to an all boys knight school seeing how there hasnt been a girl knight in a long time. I have taken a few characters from CCS for this story, but it has nothing to do with the sotry line for that so i didnt put it i that section. Romance, Comedy, Action/adventure, and maybe later some drama (I have put a hold on this story, i dont know how long it will take, i want to finish Highschool Life before i start on this one again sorry ^_^)

Legend- sorry for not putting this one up, as you may have noticed i kinda stopped this story. I mgith continue it 'cuase i sitll have the ideas in my head, but i have alot of other things to do before i start it up again, sorry for yall who have been waiting on it im sorry.

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