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WOOT!!!!!!!!!!!!! I've posted a story!!!!!!!!!!!! After long? cant think.. lol! anyway, i hope u like my story! AHHH! I need a BETA! .

x.x why me?

looks at all of the stories in 'favorite stories'* wow can we tell i like yaoi? XD

Well news update: My story the darn thing is going good!! YAY!!! XD I'm so damn happy!! And you know what, i'm jealous of everybody elses profile thingies. They have so much detail crap and mines just crappy. Ah well, maybe one day I'll do the same to mine! ^^

Okay, so heres some stuff about me! ^^

Name: I go by many! lol I respond to Chardae, Blukitty, and Kitty even though they arent my real names.

Birthday: September 29th. I'll be 21 this year! :D

Age: Currently 20 with the mentality of a 13 year old! lmao

Sex: I am female!!!!! For some reason even under this name or under Blukitty some people think I'm a guy...-.-;


Animes: Gravitation, Fruits Basket, Kodocha, Yami No Matsuei, etc. I can't think of the other ones.

Mangas: Golden Cain, Fruits Basket, Yami No Matsuei, Gravitation, Sorcerer Hunters (I don't like the anime at all!), Demon Diary, Vampire Game, Eerie Queerie, etc.

Music: I pretty much like anything that has a good beat. I'm in love with Gackt. He will be mine!!! 3

Movies: Interview with the Vampire, The Rocky Horror Picture Show, Miss Congeniality, Labryinth, The Dark Crystal, and thats about it to my knowledge.

Ok favorites from this site:

Author/Authoress: Darkladyknight, Morbid Maxwell,

Stories: Blackmail Love, My Boyfriend's Keeper

Ok so thats about it. And if ur offended that you're not on here...well its only because i probably havent gotten to reading your story yet. Sorry! ^^

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Bloodstar Manor: Unwanted Guardian by Snyffles reviews
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YAOI: Allan Bates is a ruthless businessman who's use to taking what he wants. And he finds out he wants his personal assistant, only his assistant doesn’t seem interested. When he finds something that he can use against him, Allan Blackmails him.
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The Darn Thing reviews
[YAOI] This is a yaoi! There will be mention of m/f but it'll mainly be about my two lovelies, Marty and Dario! XD Don't forget to read and review! -
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It's another story that I did in's pretty interesting...a little weird but that's okay
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Guys,partis, and stuff like that reviews
I did this as a class assignment...I thought it'd be cute to post
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