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Chichiri: Hello, no da! Welcome to the new-and-improved ficography of Ree-chan, na no da! Isabella: You heard correctly, this is no longer a biography, it's a ficography. We were discussing it with Ree-chan yesterday and we told her her biogrophy was just too long and rambling, and didn't tell you enough about the fics. Chichiri: She got kind of huffy, no da. Isabella: So, she told us we should go off and write her biography for her! Chichiri: So we did, No Da. Only it's not about her, na no da. Ficcies are listed in alphabetical order below us, no da. check them to see a quick summary, rating, and the status. Have fun, no da!
An Auror Of Five Voldemort's been gaining power for two years, and it's up to a few select people to squash him.
Rating: Ao5 has a rating of pg-13 for minor slash, violence, and character death
Status: Rewrite An Auror Of Three
Voldemort reigns supreme in the world, with only a small underground group of fighters working to bring the people hope. sequel to Auror Of Five.
Rating:Ao3 is rated R for violence, extreme situations, mild sexuality and slash.
Status: In Progress It Ended With A Promise
A continuation of The Dreamer's 'Time Of Your Life' Angsty.
Rating: Pg-13 for cutting and attempted suicide.
Progress: Completed It's a Beautiful Life
Prequel to 'Time Of Your Life', the wonderful fic by The Dreamer and 'It Ended With A Promise'
Rating:PG-13 for violence, lots of it.
Status: Completed. It was Our Day
First of three B*Witched Songfics. Short little vignnete/ficlet about people's thoughts after Tabula Rasa. Looooots of angst.
Rating: G
Status: Completed Nightwalker
Fun little novel I started involving vampires.
Rating: R for later chapters
Status: Stalled Now and Later
What happens when you leave four marauders out in the woods with a too-small tent? R/S fluuuuuuuff! Starts before sixth year summer, goes all the way through his imprisionment in Azkaban. Short'n sweet.
Rating:PG, for some kissing and slash.
Status:Complete, may be rewritten in the near future Rain
Kagome thought life had returned to normal and maybe she'd adjusted Sango, Inu-Yasha, and Miroku to her world... HAH. Sequel to Someday We'll Know
Rating:PG-13 for mild sexuality and some swearing. And enough sap to make you gag.
Status: In Progress Save Yourself
Remus is back to teach... or trying to, if the two new teachers would get out out of the way... And snogging snape.
Rating:PG-13 for enough snogging to make even my beta ill.
Status: Somewhere between in progress and stalled. Someday We'll Know
What do you do when your best friends happen to be from Ancient Japan? Don't let them on the elevator.
Rating: SWK is rated PG-13 but really should probably be PG, unless you take offense to Inu-Yasha walking around shirtless.
Status: Complete!
Night Walker reviews
I don't know if this will become a novel or three short stories, but here's the beginning... my take on vampires, vampire culture, etc. Will definatly be R later on.
Fiction: General - Rated: M - English - Chapters: 1 - Words: 372 - Reviews: 2 - Published: 3/3/2002