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I was reading over this, and I realized how boring I sounded. Well, considering I really /iam/i fairly boring, it wasn't much of a stretch. ;)
But I decided to change this stupid thing anyway, because...well, I don't know why. I just did.
Um, I'm Catie, I'm fifteen, and I wish I lived in New York so I could go stalk Jimmy Fallon. ;) However, I am about 5,000 miles from New York, therefore making it impossible to stalk dear Jimmy any way other than raiding magazine racks at bookstores looking for pictures of him to add to my poster of him.
That sounds totally worse than it is.
But, oh well.
I'm from California, but I do not surf (I'm completely uncoordinated--or one might say "aloof") or have blonde hair or...or...I can't think of another California-stereotype I haven't used yet.
Oh! And I've only been to LA twice (but I did see Leonardo DiCaprio's house while I was there two or three years ago).

My favorite shows are Saturday Night Live (of course!) Friends, Scrubs (why are there no Scrubs reruns in syndication?), Will & Grace, Rank on E! (I just think Brooke Burke is so fake; she makes me laugh--and plus Jimmy & Tina were #15 on the 25 Funniest People list--and Jimmy was #8 on the Most Eligible Bachelors, I think), Joan Rivers's commentaries on people's outfits at award shows, and I love the Osbournes.
Moulin Rouge is the best movie ever made, do not try to argue with me about it. But LotR is very good too. On My Stories: Honestly, I don't like my stories, except for "She Falls Apart", because it is so me. Like I said in an email to either Aurora or HoL, what Elizabeth says in her diary or to people's faces is what I am thinking when I'm trying to keep a straight face while talking to adults like my teachers. I'd just never say it to their faces, but it's always a great story when I tell my friends later.
'CitM' I can't read anymore without laughing at my bad writing, but I'll have to pretty soon for "She Falls Apart". Oh my God...
Seriously, this is getting totally out of hand :)
49 favorites lists is kind of incredible.
And (you will be so proud of me :), I finally wrote down the names of all of them (or, at least the ones displays). And here they are:

Dannage, HPMystery, Lightning, Foxy, Pebble of Insanity, Katie Black, Hotaru Tomoe, Do-Op, Angel610, LittleA, flowerlily99, Spike's Girl, Icy Celestial, lilz, Mala Zloca, CelestialBeingz, citywitch110, *HoL* (my dear beta-reader and avid reviewer--her story's awesome, go read it), yodawithagreenlightsaber, Silverfish, Emily Potter, star123, CrazieBabieMeg, JennyBean, Jedida, Marvoless, Shasa Perino, CJazz, Brin, Luhan10, Sakemae Hasekura, CassieGurl, cliffhanger, Dief Kattekop, binnie, MeTaLLiC Athena, Prongses Girl, hErShEy KiSsEs17, Noyze, Lilo & Stitch, Madana Rose, Tenpi Shojo, wolfperson1, FaintAisling, yunie, mione, Genus Fatali, Sorensen, and crazydreamz.
If I left you out, blame :). If I spelled your name wrong I'M SO SORRY! I can't read my own handwriting :)
I love you guys!!!!

And, of course, Jimmy Fallon.


"CBS News announced this week a new format-- a new host for "The Early Show". And, to ensure higher ratings, CBS is renaming it "CSI: The Early Show"-- Jimmy Fallon, "Weekend Update" (Sen. John McCain/White Stripes episode)

"...when the Yankees went to Boston, they played "New York, New York" over the PA. People were holding up signs that said, "Boston Loves New York". And you started losing. Coincidence? No! Everyone and everything Boston roots for loses. If Boston rooted by gravity, we’d all be floating three inches off the ground."--Seth Meyers on Weekend Update, on the Yankee's sudden end to their winning streak (in 2001), John Goodman/Ja Rule episode