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I absolutely love writing. I have several of my own stories, but find writing fanfiction easier because the characters are already established, freeing up room for me to create a new plot. I'm a Sophmore at the Kansas City Art Institute, who plans on majoring in Photography. I love cats, the color purple, and anything related to the culture of ancient Egypt. I stress out really easily and often fall victim to the nasty monster known as Writer's Block.

Please enjoy my story, Ka Warriors. It's a modern day myth (kinda) set in ancient Egypt. Reviews are welcome and always appreciated.

Here's some of the other story ideas I'm working on, in various stages of work or revision. These may or may not end up being posted at either because I don't want to risk someone stealing my story and/or the story is nowhere near the level of completion it needs to be in order to be posted. The names I give them here are not their true names.

Story of Ian: Bastard, Slave, Healer : Ian, a boy born of his mother's sin, lived a life of neglect and abuse. After being sold into slavery by his step-father, he finds himself in the the kingdom's grand palace - and the boy toy for the queen. Still, he remains defiant, even when queen robs him of his own memory and name. He rises above his poor status with the sole idea that one can elevate themself above society if only that one refuses to remain ignorant. On his journey of self-discovery he finds he has a special connection to the Earth, the power to Heal. This story will most likely never make it to because I'm gonna go to a publisher with it.

Start Over A girl sets her house on fire, then gets into a truck with a total stranger. Little did she know the man was really an angel, sent to start the girl off on the road to Redemption. A flash of light and twenty-four hours later she wakes up in a rural town with no memory of who she was before. She's taken in by an elderly couple who thinks she's their daughter who'd disappeared thrity years prior. She befriends a boy with a strange view on life, who introduces her to the idea of forgiveness, of the grace of God. But when she regains her memory, will she be able to accept the bad girl she once was? Can she continue living there with the knowledge that her happiness was a complete and utter lie? Can her friend once again show her the Light? Can she learn to love again?

Granted: On Christmas in the near future, a startling Mayan prophesy regarding the end of the world comes to pass. Machines take on minds of their own and try to kill every human in sight, beloved pets suddenly develope a taste for blood, and the ground itself rises up in revolt. Grant looses his whole family and suddenly must face a new world order. He joins a group of kids hiding out from the new government because they're "different". These kids have special powers, and if those in charge ever got a hold of them, they would become living weapons. (This idea is rather old and well, half-baked. I'm working on it.)

The Adventures of Garz and Zarg: Visit my Digimon website to find out who Garz and Zarg are. No, they're not Digimon.

Golden Children: A Fantasy Epic involving Keesma, the villaness of my Digimon story. It, like The Adventures of Garz and Zarg have nothing to do with Digimon. Garz and Zarg are in this one too.

Gate Guardians: Check out my website for details. Sadly, this idea croaked. Check out We, Orpheus! Gate Guardians IS We, Orpheus!

Light Bringers: Gate Guardians evolved into this... Two teenagers get sucked into the Fantasy World, which is dieing for lack of children all over the world capable of using their imaginations (because of mindless tv, might I add). The two kids, called the "Light Bringers" by the world's inhabitants, must stop a disturbed individual from hoarding the Light of Creation for himself. Garz and Zarg are also in this one ^-^;

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