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Well, hello folks! welcome to my bio page! Get ready to have lots and lots and lots of fun...well, not really. uhhh, i like to write, obviously, and hmm...i hate, hate, HATE geometry and/or any form of mathematics. Well,i don't want to write about myself and take alot of time, goes! *takes deep breath*

Favorite movie: Terminator 2
Favorite book: 1984
Favorite music genre: heavy metal
least favorite music genre: R&B
ethnicity: mexican

In my opinion: abortion is wrong and should be illegal, homosexuality is also wrong, but you know, i can't and won't stop you, George W. Bush is a freakin idiot, the NAACP is a joke, (it used to serve a truly good purpose for civil rights, but now is just a springboard for frivolous lawsuits),I both agree and disagree with affirmative action, Rocky Balboa could beat the living crap out of Bruce Lee, my children will be named either RAM-AIR, unit-9, Flowmaster, or, i believe the chicago bears will win the superbowl next year, the GTO and the Chevelle are the greatest cars ever created, music today has no point, society is going down the dumpster, and cloning is WRONG!phew...oh, and not once but twice has a large pinto bean been shot straight into my eye...both are still in there, no joke. well,now that i've thoroughly bored you, i will let you go now, goodbye, adios, salve, dosvedanya, figdish, damshebaba,smim prosett, and other random non-english words.

Contract Warriors
A private security company in the Afghan desert is employed by the U.S. government to search a small village for insurgents and in the process of doing so, they uncover a horrible secret that threatens the U.S. presence in Afghanistan.
Fiction: Action - Rated: M - English - Adventure/Horror - Chapters: 1 - Words: 1,054 - Published: 9/7/2005