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You want a bio? YOU WANT A BIO? O.K. here's a bio: I'm a 19 year old girl, who is completely, totally, and hopelessly addicted to the Harry Potter books. Draco Malfoy is my favourite character ... closely followed by Sirius.

In case you can't guess ... I am a Slytherin - no questions about it - I'm evil.

My main fic series is called 'And The Hat Said Slytherin' ... there are six parts, so far (up to sixth year, which I'm working on, now), and it will probably continue well after seventh year - I'm planning a next generation fic, to follow. I had a huge internal conflict, with this fic, because I LOVE Draco, but I'm also a Draco/Hermione shipper ... I had trouble deciding whether to have Cat (my Mary-Sue) or Hermione date Draco ... I eventually decided to let Hermione have him. I really want those two (Draco/Hermione) to get together in the real books.

Not long ago, I'd have said I hate slash ... now, though, I'm not so bad about it - I'm even writing a Harry/Draco fic, which I'll publish, sometime, though I doubt you could honestly call it slash.

I can relate best to Voldemort, though - he is so like me ... my mother is a witch, and my father is a Muggle, too. And I plan to follow in the Dark Lord's footsteps. I will rule the world, after Harry kills Voldemort. Mwahahahahahahahaaaaaaa!

If you like my stories, you should read Slytherin Rising by J.L. Matthews - and any Draco fics by Pikacheeka - they're really good.

I have every respect for J.K.R. and her books.


Now read my strange ideas about them as well.

I'm back - and everyone ignore that thing this box said about anonymous reviews a while ago - it was rubbish, and I wasn't the one who wrote that here ... it was a friend of mine who now doesn't know my password to this site *evil cackle*. Anyway - I'm back - yay!