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12/13/02 Success! I have actually managed to land a full-time 'permanent' position! I'm so pleased with myself. What this means is LESS STRESS! W00T!

11/19/02 Rufferto will be updating again on Seeing as how there is no where else that gives quite the amount of feedback she's looking for. I live in hope that the management sees fit to be less anal retentive one of these days. --Rufferto

09/16/02 All of Rufferto's updates will be at LiveJournal from now on. I am debating currently whether or not to keep this account at . I will certainly not be uploading anything here.


I have uploaded a new story called "The Misty Marshes" it is slash Frodo/A&A based on "A Hobbit Caught off his guard." There will be no sex. It is Hurt/Comfort.

09/12/02 As a form of Protest to ff.nets far too severe rules and idiocy over shutting down on 9/11 when you really shouldn't have because we are supposed to go -on- with our lives and not let Terrorism slow things down. Now with the latest junk, I'm just going to unlikely ever to post here again. See you on the flipside. Perhaps I'll get a livejournal. Thanks for the fish:) You all were very nice to me.

09/10/02 Unfortunately tonight I found out yet another rule...and had to upload everything again. I think I might have missed one so will fix it tomorrow night.

09/08/02 I finished Silent Desires. I may work on more slash, but not sure yet, am content with the fics I have at present. Will be working on Reflections in the Dark and the Gollum humor fic. I have been busy with yet another new job over the last couple of weeks. I wish someone would just hire me permanently. Sheesh.

09/04/02 I've got a bit of writers block on Silent Desires, so I thought i'd entertain myself by writing a humor fic to see if I could get it back.

8/31/02 Hi folks, I had to get rid of Discovering the truth cause of the new rules. Sorry.:/ Perhaps someone should make a website for these particular fics.

08/20/02 Begun a new fic Reflections in the Dark. Wee.:) No OCS, no MSs. Poor Frodo...Bring Tissues...

08/19/02 Finished Following the Ring.:)

08/19/02 Back from Pennsic XXXI!!! It was a blast, except for the heat. Catching up. XOXO.:)

08/07/02 Silent Desires updated

08/07/02 I will be updating Discovering the Truth again when I get back from War. Thank you to everyone who sent email! I really appreciate it. I'll be back on the 18th and hope to have some more updates between the 18th and the 26th when I start a new regular 40 hour a week job with normal hours. Go me! To everyone, hope those scadians out there have a great War and will see you there!

08/03/02 Silent Desires updated

07/31/02 Icicles in the Night Updated.:) Month from hell is mostly over, but Pennsic is coming up! I'll be there from the 10th to the 18th!

07/18/02 Okay, things seemed fixed around here so as I produce I'll have my stories up but I am going to be slow this month due to job.:)

NOTE : My story chapters will be also be forwarded to the following places :

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I'm Bramblerose from ElendorMUSH!
I hope you like my little stories. I do them on whims, and I'm not the greatest at proofreading.:)
-Ginger Bower