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About Me

Real Name: I don't have one...seriously! It changes with each ID document I get
Age: 16 (can't wait until I'm 18!)
Location: Somewhere in the general vincinity of Western Canada
Other Things: I think too much for my own good. I therefore spend most of my free time (and a lot of my school/homework time too) pondering the ways of the universe and making connections between the teachings of semi-mainstream science and the slightly more obscure world of philosophy. It leads to some very interesting conversations at times, and at others, people get annoyed at my banterings. I'll stop this now before it turns into innane rantings...

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Writing Info

Well, I am a little bit more used to the fanfiction scene, but as I suddenly came up with a plot one night a while ago, I told myself that I wasn't going to try and adapt it to fit any fandoms. So, sometime within the next few days/weeks/months _ I will have the first few chapters of my first serious orignal story up.

All I can really give anybody who will happen upon this page is a few notes about the story. For one, it is vastly leaning in the direction of a homosexual pairing between two males. Call this what you like (yaoi, slash, shounen-ai...) but my story most likely will contain it. Secondly, if you are sensitive to blasphemy/heresy toward the church/Christian(Catholic) religion in general, it would probably be in your best interests to avoid this story, as most of the (non-romance) plot is based on this.

On a lighter note, I'm up for any suggestions and/or an offer for a beta-reader. My computer lacks a spell-check function, so I am in need of someone to fix all those horrid typing mistakes that too often befall me. ^_^ If interested, contact me via the address above, or through Yahoo! Messenger, screen name yami_idimmu

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Update: April 18, 2003

Well, I'm proud, I have the first half of my prologue done ^_^ I feel so accomplished now. I am now just stressing over a possible title, being as though that's one of my main weak points (besides procrastination, writer's block, etc.). So I will probably have that up in around a week, depending on how my schedule decides to run, it's too unpredictable...


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