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Author has written 16 stories for Fantasy, General, Romance, and Sci-Fi.
I put more of my heart and soul into these stories then any other, and they are the least recognised.
I guess that makes me hopeless, but hopeless though I may be I will always write because it's burned into me. I am a writer, no matter the skill I don't have, or the fate that wont let me dedicate myself souly to the task. I am a writer, I will write for as long as I can think, for as long as my fingers can make the words apear, and when I can't write I'll talk, I'll tell the stories. That's what I am.
Anything else you need to know about me is nothing. I am unimportant. I have a temper I've been criticised for. I lash out with words better then anyone I know. I will stand of idiocy only to the extent that it doesn't effect me too much. I have lost a vast number of readers from launching one of my word campaigns. I am incapable to being inhuman although that seems to be expected of the authors on these pages.
I have a life, I have emotions, I have deadlines, and they don't revolve around these stories. These stories are a result of who I am, I am not a result of them. That is a fact, hard to grasp but simple and plain. I will do my best, I worship anyone who will give me any help. I can not spell I can not write and I do not need a hundred people telling me this over and over again. But I accept it, in polite form as criticism that must be given. I apreciate the help people try and give me, but loath the complaints they throw at me. I am incapable of bending to the demands of faceless people who show no consideration.
I am an excellent ranter (I apologise).
I am fragile, weak and pathetic. If someone say's I can not write I will believe them, if I'm told my attempts are poor I will try harder and never be satisified. I try and be inhuman, as is demanded of us in this world but I am affected by the things around me and that is fate and life and all those marvelous things wound together in a knot of what is.
I am easily flattered, succomb to any compliments. Will write an entire story for only one person so long as I know they love it. I will give my heart away to anyone willing to hold it as it is. I will not change myself for anyone. I am strength and weakness in a coalition that makes no sense. I will stand by my stupidity, I will fight for my failures, I will do what has to be done to survive in this world as a living breathing creature.
I will fall in love one day and forget the world. And I will have my heart broken, because it's too weak.
I expect of the people I give to, to give something back. I'm selfish. I want friends to be friends not lies. I want people to accept not change. I want to be happy and smiling although that thought always makes me cry. I am not devine, I am not pure, I am not innocent, nor good. I am myself. I am a lurking shadow who watchs the world and wonders how to be a part of it.
I'm silly and foolish and will die for what I love. Not what I believe in. I believe in little. I am not religious, I am not political, I am not even against such things. I believe my family will love me. I believe I can be better then I am. I believe that not everything is evil although evil is the easiest thing to see. I believe that we can learn more from the stories of others then anyone will ever teach you. You must find your own way, your own path and find it how you will. We are human and flawed and we will strive to our end.
And that is enough from me because I'm rambling and I don't know what I've written, but above are words that I didnt' ahve to think about, things that came from me and they belong to me and I belong to them. So that's who I am, I guess.
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