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hhmm...a bio, eh? Well, I'm currently a budding proto-goddess, working on my full-fledged godhead. I have yet to win my immortality, though I have been gifted with Second Sight. That may have something to do with special-ingredient brownies, however...

I, unlike some fanfic writers, do indeed have delusions of True Author-dom. Actually, what I really want to be is Tolkien for the 21st century. Or maybe J.K Rowling. In any case, I have ambitions of becoming a cult phenomenon with my as-yet-unwritten fantasy work. I view fanfiction as serving my apprenticeship and honing my art. Thus, I whine excessively about my appalling lack of reviews primarily because 1)I'd really like some construcitve critism, otherwise how am I to improve as a writer?, and 2)when I don't get reviews, I worry nobody's reading my work. Yeah, yeah, I know you're supposed to write just for the joy of it, but face it, writing for yourself is literary, but ultimately unsatisfying.

As a child, I wanted to be a hobbit when I grew up, so I could marry Frodo Baggins and sail away with him. Obviously that didn't quite work out. Nowadays, I have a kid, two cats, a dog, and a fondness for tea and bladed weapons. I drive a school bus, which is harder than it looks, so be nice to your school bus driver.

The lovely and entertaining Al's Waiter has FINALLY finished MSTing my "Taken Far Too Literally". He did it at my request, with my full permission, and did a blasted good job on it, too. It's funnier than the original! BTW--the language used in the fic is very bad, that's why it's rated "R", and this shows up in the MST. AW has gotten permission to edit the fic as needed for language, but to the best of my knowledge has not done so yet. So be warned.

That said, go check it out. AW is very good at MSTing. I'm proud to be a victim, and pleased with the job he did.


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Anyone who's had a big crush will understand this one.
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Written when my Pop-pop died, it suits any such loss.
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