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Greeting Earthlings! This is Tekki! And I guess this is the place to rant about myself eh?
Age: 17
Family: 9 siblings ... Indentical Twin Pyper who is Nevada Moon on ... Becca , Ethan , Disa, Crow, Alexia , Jacen and Afton and Hayden who are twins also I have Mom and Dad ... wooo step back thats a rare thing...
Favorite things : Raindrops on roses and whiskers on hampsters... well not really... Harry Potter , LOTR somewhat , hanging wiht friends , talking on the phone , pissing ppl off , obsessing about my little remmie ... Remus Lupin is my altime favorite character ... he's so awesome... Im odd I guess cause I like flames... It motivates me to become a better writer... cept dont flame my ideas... thats not cool...

Music: Tool , ahhh ... Metellica ... Johnny Holms! ( you have no idea what im talking about) and Paul singing inthe shower.

Sex: sure! hahahha( That was really sick wasnt it?) Female

Looks : 7'3 black hair very VERY hairy butt... pokes out my pants ... one eyed and no nose... should i go farther?

Real Looks: 5'4 light brown hair green eyes... im not even going to tell you if my butts hairy or not ... 120lbs

Favorite HP stories on ... that one called Lupin's Symptomism's or somthing... it use to be a nc-17 fic but then it MAGICALLY changed into a R fic... yes the whole thing is basiclly about a horny werewolf but its sooooooo funny. Ahhh Mauraders Days Care ...that one can be found in my favorite story section... its really cute . I cant remember any other fics off hand now.

Quotes: In the name of all that is sweet and holy DONT BUTT RAPE ME~ me whenever i go over to Chiris' house (dont even ask)

Juan hacob hingalier smif ~ me when im on a sugar high

TIMMMMUHHHH~THE whole football team... why? tis beyond me

Im a pretty pouncing pony ~ many of my friends

Mmmm... Pixi sticks ~ me

Incest is the mest put your family to the test ~ AGHGHGHGH ... I PICKED THAT UP AT CHURCH CAMP... Never do put your family to the test though

Nicknames : Oh God not you again ( I dont know where i picked that up.. maybe there just thankful to see me?) Tek. Tee, Tekla( my actul name) Dictator Dan , Ohio( why?I dont kow I've never been to Ohio) Sex Bomb T ( I wish)

Random Notes
November 24th~ Ha here I am again to write in this horrible thing and no one will ever read it... Im am sitting here in my schools computer lab and I should be doing something useful like writing that nasty 5 page paper on the power of words but I have a nasty habit of having a a very attention span. So anyway I started the next chapter of "The Sweetest Things" and once again Im stuck but at least I started on it. It should be up soon cause Thanksgiving is this week and we have no class Wed. until next monday.
November 27th
~ Happy Turkey Day everyone! I have about 500 ppl at my house it seems like and Lucifer came from Alaska this year to see the new babies( Lucifer is my grandma... DEVIL WOMAN!) I'm still working on that icky english paper... Very icky! Tomarrow where decorating for Christmas already... maybe I'll let my little cousins and siblings do that... I'm going to sleep in. WEll thats all for righ now!
December 22nd~ Almost merry Christmas... Well I published my first LOTR's fanfiction today and Im really excited cause Im really into it seriously Im already on the next chapter and I have a load of it done. DOnt worry Im working on my HP fanficiton too. In fact I reckon I'll have a new chapter up soon I hope. Not much has happened this month cept I got really really sick with the flu but thats a given for me. Well Best be off. take care my wonderful fans.
Febuary 9th, 2003,
WOW has it been that LONG? I cant believe it! Well in all that time I have actually worked on ALL of my fics but I have never been able to complete a single chapter! I always get occupied by some damn school project then my FF goes on the back burner and I never manage to return to it. I got a new(er) car last week cause "Streak" decided to die on me on my way home durning a snow storm. Not fun! PPL die when that happens but I was smart about it and I got saved by a snow plow about 45 minutes later. Thank God. Tonight I might even finish a fic if im energetic. I dont think I have much to do. Well we'll see... Happy Valentines day to ya'll ~If i was in the pit I'd make out with every single one of you!~Joel from Good Charollete.
October 15th, 2004~ Ok Ive done it. I havent visited my profile in over a year. Im horrible. Please everyone forigive me. *the masses recite* "We forgive" Ive have been thinking that I should maybe start a new profile since this one is what? 3 years old. ive been hangin around Fanfiction.net and since I think early 2001. I remember the good old days when EVERYTHING was lumped into one. That really sucked. I really like what they are doing with it now. Kudos to the staff. I love you all! Not much else is happening. COllege is a pain in the ass but what else? caio. ~Tee
Favorite Books

~ Obviously Harry Potter
~ Lord of the Rings even though I've never actully read " The Return of the King" ... Dont tell me! I want to live in suspence if Aragon ever becomes King or not... the title of the book doesnt give it away or anything.
~ Uncle Toms Cabin ... Just a good book
~ The Thiefs Gamble by somebody Mckennan... or somthing like that
~ War and Peace... cause I like almost read that book cover to cover in one weekend... Im not kidding you it was that good.
~The New Jedi Order ( Star Wars) very very good seris but it makes be cry each time I read the books... Seriously they took away my favorite character!
~And my altime favorite book that I simply love but this evil evil school library doesnt have it and its called "On Fourtune's Wheel" By Cynthia Voit

~ Once again Harry Potter wins ... Oliver wood *WOW*
~ Lord of the Rings.. Legolas!
~ Star Wars... Hayden Christiansen!
~ Merlin or anyother movie that has to do with Midevil times.
~ Barney and Friends ... who doesnt love a huge scary hairy dinosaur who's best friend's are little children that suck at acting... I mean seriously kinky people watch that stuff...

Stupid stuff done by Tee!

~ Skinnny dipped by some hot guys working a cabin but a lake... hehe..wait that was good.
~ FLirted with a teacher... lets just say he got little to friendly and we had a have a little chat about student/teacher relations...
~ Flrted with a barnes and nobles worker (a book story )and lets just say his back set was soft... I still see him when i go there but strangly we dont talk.. we jsut look at each other... maybe I'll look him up some time...
~ Went out with Jared ... VERY VERY STUPID!
~ Let Paul go... *sniff Sniff Cry*
~ Turned in a hagrid/ Hermione story in fro my creative writing... nothing dirty.. I got a 50/50!
~ Opened a emial that said " Guys cock on a hoover" very very disturbing.,.. why would he do that??
~ did a cartwheel im my school unifornm ( plaid skirt knee high socks and anoxford button up shirt) Oh hello undies
~ Drew a picture in Art titled "The land a Penis' and rainbows" and gave it to my art teacher to hang in the hall... thank god he didnt see the penis'
~ Admitted I went to band camp before I went to see American Pie... strangly similir to my life...
~ When I worked at Walgreens a couple summers ago I was in charge of the borad thing outside and I was getting lazy and desided that insted of putting Assorted Gift Wrap 50% off I put Ass. Wrap 50 off

Well thats all forright now folks ...

Peace and Jelly Bellys


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Silence reviews
Well this is my second shot at poetry. Not saying its any good but I try. Im usually into fiction. Just a little diddy i thought of on one of my little hikes
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