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It's unlikely I'll be updating anything until the year 2008... Though I'll probably just rewrite most the crap I have on here before reposting it. May make a new account... not sure yet. I'm sorry to anyone who actually read my stuff and wanted to see regular updates... I'm just so busy with other things right now... My profile still says I'm 17, yet I'm now 19 :P I just haven't had the time or motivation to come on here until now. I lost a lot of my work too, and I hardly know what I planned for most the stories on here... So yeh... I'll try and get these stories back up on the creative writing rack as soon as I can!





~About moi~

Name: Amanda
Nicknames:Mandy, Manda, Darky, Mandini (Doughnut), Slagafa, Mands
Age: 17
Nationality: English, but I'm 1/4 Bermudan
Birthday: 29th July 1988
Star sign: Leo
Year in school: 13
Height: 5ft 3 (ish) Yeah I'm a tad 'petite' :P
Weight: 7 and a half stone
Hair colour: Brown but lighter at the ends, natural blonde highlights at the front and random blonde streaks that my mate put in,which are difficult to see because my hair is uber curly (And I mean uber!). My hair has currently been straightened (Birthday treat:D).
Sexuality: Straight, but open minded, and very trysexual (Meaning I'll try most things _- )
Likes: Having fun with boys ;), playing computer games, drawing/reading manga, watching anime, writing stories (Been doing so for almost four years now!), eating, sleeping in my sehr comfy bed, watching/studying films (My dream is to become a film animator or director, lol :P), hugs and kisses, snuggling, chocolate (As does everyone, lol), bananas and most fruits (I have a food fetish -Blushes-), yaoi (I luv the yaoi! lol), alcohol :D And Uno! Es ist meine favourite card game! (Excuse the German.. There is no need for it. I hate the language hence the reason why I got a 'D' for my GCSE (English exam thingy)on it). And finally le Japanese culture!
Dislikes: Breaking hearts, having my own heart broke, being lied to (grr), feeling lonely, bullies and such (grr), USB memory sticks that break making you cry because you loseloads coursework and chapters for your stories :( (Has happened to me... Nearly two times! Always make sure I keep back-ups now!), being ill at times when vitally don't want to be (E.g. Christmas, pancake day etc... grrr), jealous ex boyfriends (grrrrrrr), having to sit through a film that you hate for two hours (-Coughs-Brief Encounter -Coughs-).
Most recent film watched: "Big Fish" - Typical Tim Burton style film (Bright visuals and general surrealness). Kinda touching, not exactly meaningful, but was visually pleasing and enjoyable to watch :)

~Linky Links~

http:/// -- My art == I have quite a few pictures of Kaii from Blood Brothers here now... And I will soon post up a pic of Ryozo and Kado from Guardian Angel! Woo!
http://www.fanfiction.net/u/168967/ -- My old Fanfiction.net account (CLOSED)
http://www.fanfiction.net/u/811645/ -- My new Fanfiction.net account

Story information

Bleh, so many more problems _ One of the disk drives on my computer, which I've been saving my stories on since 2002, mysteriously died and stopped working a few days ago
-cries- Luckily, I have my stories posted on this site so I haven't lost too much, and I found a backup disk I made of all my stories (Though I made the disk in 2002/03 which had none of my recent stories on it whatsoever!). I also lost schoolwork (such a shame), some of my art, loadsa good music, many funky pictures, and other random things which meant a lot to me.
Still, I am dedicating the month of March to finally write and update most of my neglected fiction stories below! Hoorah! Sorry for the wait... I've been so very busy T_T

Works on hold

(Stories I haven't written or updated in quite some time! Sorry!)

~Elevation~ My very first office based story with a rather serious storyline dramatic music. Like most workers, Yozo Asariexpects his first day of work to be typically average and all cliché. But obviously it isn't, it's far from what he expected. Many of his work mates thinks he's hot and hardly anyone seems to bother doing any work. Then he meets the office stud with a dark past who happens to be his manager, Korin Saromi, who makes it clear from the word go that he hates his guts. The reason soon becomes apparent, but it makes no sense to Yozo at first.. Korin has a 'thing' against blondes.
Best for me not to say anything more because otherwise I'm going to end up giving the whole storyline away. All I can say is that it's a story full of realistic issues and a lot of angst ;
23/02/06: Next chapter should be up in March, it's "almost" half-finished.
31/03/06: Make that April now... Grrr, just been loaded with work (and I still am currently)

~The Fight for Justice~ This is sort of based on the Matrix seeing as I'm a huge Matrix fan (Keanu Reeves! drools). It's about two teenage soldiers, one is confident, friendly and outgoing while the other is spoilt, cold and not very sociable but they somehow end up falling in love It's quite an angsty story though with all the battlefield scenes and such.23/02/06: Next chapter to be finished and posted up by sometime in March.
31/03/06: March is near to April, ne=P

~ The Phoenix and the Dragon~ One of those typical 'I will avenge my brother's death' type stories.. only with plently of twists and a pinch of originality. One of the 'first' serious original stories I decided to start writing and I was planning for it to be split up into three seperate parts (stories/books, whatever). The narrative is strange in this story.. constantly switches between characters POVs but mainly is written in 3rd person view. Kosho is the hot main character, seems to be a tad naive at times but soon learns he knows a lot more than he thinks...
I'm currently improving the storyline, hence the reason why I haven't updated this story in ages XD
23/02/06: This story has now be canned and I have recently started to rewrite it.

~Pleasure Island~ Well.. I posted up the first chapter a while ago ; But the storyline still needs working on and the next chapter still needs finishing.. _ heh.. I'll explain what the story is about once I have etablished what the final storyline will be. Sorry for all those that have been waiting for the next chapter ... ;
23/02/03: Still on hold, I'm trying to remember what exactly happens in the beginning of Chapter 2 (I lost it when my memory stick became corrupt), and then I need to expand on the plot.

~Falling into Darkness~ A story I started planning and writing in late August (2004). Based around three close friends, Azu, Adrian and Ashiku. Azu is throwing his life away by taking drugs and drinking regularly and Adrian and Ashiku are trying to persuade him to stop... But there's only so much persuading they can do before Azu falls complete into darkness...
Current chapters: 1 of (?)
Last updated: 05/12/05
Update predicted: April

Current works

(Things I am actually writing at the moment)

~ Teenage Guardian Angel: Gateway to Heaven~ It's all based around a fun loving and hyper seventeen year old named Kado and also his sensible, outgoing best mate, Liam. Only a week or so after Kado's seventeenth birthday, he dies leaving Liam to struggle with his own life. It is only then that Kado returns... only has his Guardian Angel _ Kado's job is to watch over Liam to make sure he does nothing foolish. However, when Ryozo (A hot, constantly horny, sexy 120yr old Demon) suddenly makes an appearance it's pretty obvious that Kado's going to have trouble fulfilling his duty.
23/02/06: Next chapter to be finally posted up at the beginning of March =D
31/04/05: I can honestly say that this will be up at the beginning of next week!

~Blood Brothers: Vengeance~ I decided that I had to write a vampire story after watching Jeepers Creepers with my ex way back in June. You've got Kaii, a young teenager who's had to endure being abused by his step father since his mother left him and his twin sister. He soon discovers that his life has meaning after meeting the 'man' who killed his father right in front of him when he was barely five. There's the mention of two different species; crows and vampires that are constantly coming together then fighting against each other. You've got the usual yummyyaoi scenes you'd expect from me as well _ 10/01/06: Gonna be writing the next chapter very soon! I love Kaii too much to let this story just die :)
23/02/06: I aim to start the next chapter from today onwards, and have it finished by the beginning of March
31/03/06: Give me to the beginning of April now... sooo much has happened this month, so I've had little time to write T_T

Future works

(Stories that I've started, but not sure whether to continue them or post them up here)

~Forbidden Fruit~ About a fourteen year old Scouse guy, named Rob,who is lucky enough to look much older than he actually is. He lies about his age on holiday to a twenty-one year old gay guy (called Nick), but does not realise that his lie is gonna cause him so much excitement as well as hurt...
Posting up predicted: Well... I'm currently writing the first chapter... So look out for this story this year _

~Just the Five of us~Is about five guys that live together in the same apartment. Erm.. there is a storyline, though I haven't quite worked it out yet ; I have LOADS of ideas for this story so it should turn out to be rather interesting. Chapter one is complete and chapter two is nearly finished.
Posting up predicted: TBC

~The Divine Trio- Subject 21~ This is the remake of my first fictionpress.com story “Subject 21-The Trio”. The characters are the same, but there is now a stronger storyline with the mention of Divine Gods and Dark Gods. The Prologue is complete and chapter 1 is almost finished. Posting up predicted: Still not sure... The prologues been sitting on my computer for almost a year now, so perhaps I'll post it up near the beginning of April 2006?

Canned works

(Just crap... lol)

~ Subject 21: The Trio~
A story about three teenagers with "special" powers. Only one of them is destined to fight the Legendary Reika Mishiyo, and it's going to be a fight to the death. This was my first original fic but I stopped writing it because the storyline was pretty pathetic.

Hatsu Shoujouhi by Mako-Charon reviews
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