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Hi to all! My name'sDani and I really hope you enjoy the infoplaced here. That's what it's really all about anyway.

My personality could be described as: vivacious, helpful, flirty, fun, loyal, cunning, quick witted, friendly, wild, thoughtful, senstive, lust driven, a big romantic, a partier, and intutive.

My idea of the perfect day would be waking up in the arms of the my bofyriend, making love, eating a late breafast at a cafe with a patio, spending the rest of the day at the beach with him and my friends, going out on a date that night at a chic resturant, then dancing at a club and having a few drinks, then going home late to make love and fall asleep in his arms.

I spend a lot of time with my friends, working my ass off at my job, partin', and hooking up with wild boys.

Life is a gift, I don't intend on wasting mine, and I'm going to live mine to the fullest because you only get one shot! I advise you to do the same!


Name: Danielle Mounts
Nicknames: Dani, Phoebe, Phoebs, Fabeola, Fabe
Sex: Female Sexual Orientation: Straight
Diet Preferance: Normal
Dominat Hand: Left
Birthday: June 8
Age: 22
Sign: Gemini
Race: Caucasian
Eyes: Forest Green
Hair: Light Brown With Natural Blond Highlights
Skin Color: Medium Gold Tan
Body Type: Slender And Toned
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 110 lbs.
Shoe Size: 8,9, & 10In Womens
Pet Peeve: Feet
Occupation: Ho Dream Career: Actor & Writer
Favorite Career: Advice Columnist
Favorite Colors: Red, Yellow, & Orange
Favorite Day: Friday
Favorite Night: Saturday
Favorite Holiday: Halloween
Favoriet Season: Autum
Favorite Weather Types: Sunny Mornings & Rainy Afternoons
Favorite Planets: Earth & Venus
Favorite Countries: USA, Puerto Rico, British Isles, France, Italy, & Greece
Favorite City: San Fransisco
Favorite Places: The Beach & The Forest
Favorite Plant: Jasmine
Favorite Animal: Wild Birds Favorite Alcoholic Drinks: Dirty Martinnies & Sweet Malts
Favorite Soft Drink: Dr. Pepper.
Favorite Food: Pasta
Favorite Snack: Salt & Vinegar Chips
Favorite Candy: Straight Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough
Favorite Clothes: Sexy Numbers That Reveal Lots Of Skin
Favorite Shoes: Heels, Wedge/Plateforms, Pumps, Boots
Favorite Car: BMW Mini Cooper
Favorite Sports: Cheerleading & Dance
Favorite Book: A Density Of Souls By Christopher Rice
Favorite Authors: David & Leigh Eddings
Favorite Movies: Gone With The Wind Favorite TV Shows: Charmed, Sex And The City
Favorite Actors: Paul Walker, Hayden Christianson
Favorite Actress: Alyssa Milano
Favorite Music: Reggaeton, Hip Hop
Favorite Male Performer: Daddy Yankee Favorite Female Performer: PussyCat Dolls
Favorite Band: Kumbia Kings
Favorite Guys: Wild, Bad, & Dangerous Favorite Number: 3,5
Favorite Things To Do: Go Shopping For Clothes, Shoes, & Accessories, Have Lots Of Good Sex, Go On Dates, Go Dancing & Clubbing, Spending Time With Friends & Family, Being With My Boyfriend, Having Continuel Amounts Of Fun, Having A Real Wild Time, And Paryin' Hard.
Favorite Quote: "lo que sea(whatever)!" Favorite Langauge: Espanol
Latest News: Trying To Get My Life Together; It's Harder Than It Seems
Thing I'm Proudest Of: Living On My Own
I Can't Wait 'til I: Go To College
You'd Be Surprised To Know I'm: A Multidemensional Person Who Is Quite Interesting
Weirdest Skill: Sucking In My Stomach To Where My Ribs Can Touch My Hip Bones
Do Not, I Repeat, DO NOT, Give Me: Any More White Men!
Do Not, I Repeat, DO NOT, Make Me: Beg Or Humilate Myself For Your Pleasure
Chocolate Or Vanillia?: Duh! Like So Chocolate!

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