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I have fans!!! I have Fans! People like me! They really like me! *Jumps up and down* Wooo-Hoooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ahem- okay, I am Sethoz, also known as Sethoz-Chan, Seti, Saz and that insane girl is heading this way! Ohh, I better put something about me here, I'm female, have purple hair, a Furby which moves in the night and I'm a buddist. Arn't you glad I told you all that? This is to the people who have been flameing my e-mail account about my spelling. I AM DYSLESIC. I do the best I can and my beta's can't spot all the wrong spellings. So Flame me if you want I don't care. Be warned, I have a nasty habbit of flaming back if what you do is rubbish. Okay First of all I LOVE sci-fi. so here are the shows that my stories come from... Stargate SG-1 (Daniel!) Star Trek: Enterprise (yeah I LOVE Trip! Trip...) Buffy the vampire slayer (Oz...) [Seeing a partten here folks?] Angel (I have fallen in love with Doyle, I am currently going through denial and refuse to belive he's dead.) Moulin Rouge..(I'm not even going to say who my fav is, it should be easy.) Oh my god LOTR. I can't belive I missed it. (sigh... frodo) RANDOM Thought of the moment: Real life!! It's crashing in all around me! If you don't like my stories sue me... and I will give you my penny and a button. Okay i am twisyed and becasue of that I like to put my fav charters though hell, then patch them up. * Trip, the cyber-lamb My best friend Desert-Rose (You can find her in my fav authors link) had just given me a cyber-lamb! I've decied to call him Trip (no prizes for guessing why!) He'll prob be popping up in my reviews from time to time so if you hear from him don't worry! Trip: Baaa!!! * Quote of the Week: (Me and my friend Layton [brill writer, she's on my fav writers link]) Me: I'm so bored. Layton: O_0 I'm bored too... Me:O.O I'm VERY bored. Layton:O_o Also very, very bored. Me: O.O I'm STILL bored. Layton:O_o I'm more bored than you are. 0_-- Me: ... Updates Right now, I will be focusing on TWO of my stories only, the other's are on hold until at least one is finished. The Call of Steel[Star Trek: Enterprise] Part 6 has been done! Over halfway through part 7, just five more parts to go! Such a Perfect World?: [Digimon] On my 5th part so far, Pairings have been decied!

I've recently become hooked on reading and writing poetry so quite a few of my poems are now up. Please read 'ihaveproblems02' poems. They are amazing! *I was Made for Loving You: I AM PUTTING THIS STORY ON HOLD UNTIL I HAVE FINISHED AT LEAST ONE OF MY OTHER STORIES. (A Moulin Rouge fic, that's unique! No really, it is. (Well I'm 90% sure it's unique...)) Part 2 as soon, as I have time to post it.* *My sister Crystal-Dragon has just joined , you can find her by checking on my Favorite Authors link, she hasn't written much yet, but what she has done is very funny!* COMING SOON... A Star Wars fic: Obi-Wan in danger? TWO Obi-Wan's? Pre-TPM? and someone called 'Ben'? All in my first Star Wars fic. Buffy Fic: An idea I came up with after watching the Angel ep 'Darla'. What is Spike trying so hard to hide? Angel Fic: *sigh* I promised myself I'll never write an angel fic but what can ya do? Doyle's coming back!!! That's all folks! *manic laugh* Oh yeah and if people in white coats come looking for me you haven't seen me. Oh one more thing, BUFFY AND SPIKE FOREVER!!!! Later Days! Sethoz-Chan

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Angst poems. i was upset, so i wrote a few poems. nothings graphic.. just..subject matter for some.. others are.... odd. thats all the ratings for.
Poetry: General - Rated: T - English - Poetry/Angst - Chapters: 21 - Words: 3,519 - Reviews: 10 - Favs: 2 - Updated: 4/15/2003 - Published: 10/14/2002
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A Parent has only one mission in life - to embarrass there kids!
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No matter how many times you are betrayed, every single time it hurts just like the first time. (please R&R)
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I met a 79 year old woman today - this poem was the result of that meeting.
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