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About the Girl: Me! I am a girl.. a 17 year old girl. I live in upstate New York.

anime: Dragon Ball Z.Sailor Moon.Magic Kinght Rayearth.Cowboy Bebop.Yu Yu name.. I probably like it.
cartoons: Powerpuff Girls.Ed Edd and Eddy.Johnny Bravo.Rainbow Little Bears.Grim and Evil.Dexters Lab.I watch cartoons all the time.
Other likes in general: writing.reading.the color pink.moons.stars.faeries.unircorns.poetry.skinny white boys.piercings.tattoos.animales.penguins.sleeping.eating.figure skating.color music.rock music.VEGETA.TRUNKS.VEGETA.TRUNKS.VEGETA.TRUNKS.

Seems that my story has been erased.. Stupid stupid.. Oh well.. I had it saved, but I deleted it..

I really need some ideas for new stories.. if you have any email me. Thanks