Indigo Kryptonite
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Joined 02-15-02, id: 170504
Pen Name: Indigo Kryptonite

Real Name: Grace *

Gender: Female (Doi)

Height: 4'11'' (So close to 5!)

Eye Color: Green

Hair color: Currently Black

Heritage: Latino/Swedish/Irish

Favorite color: Emerald Green

Favorite Band(s): Jars of Clay, Five Iron Frenzy, Green Day, Soul Coughing, The Prodigals, Great Big Sea, Flogging Molly, Celtic Rock

Favorite Movie: The Fellowship of the Ring

Favorite Animal: Mole

Favorite Book: About a Boy

Favorite Food: Hostess Snowballs

Favorite Place: Ireland

Hobbies: Drawing, Clay Sculpting, Sewing, Cooking, Reading, and of course Writing.

I believe I'm starting to outgrow my fondness for DragonballZ and therefore will not be as enthusiastic about updating my stories. My apologies to those who care. My fancies have started to focus more on The Lord of the Rings hype and just Ireland in itself.

Current Top Priority: None really...I feel in a laid back sort of mood now.