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Concerning the Avatar:

Picture isn't me. It's a character from one of my stories. I'll let you guess which.

About me:

Age: 27

Name: Michelle

For Fanart, please see my website.


Finished works

Princes are Evil

The unicorn was walking away from me. It paused a moment and looked at me. Did it want me to follow it?

There comes a time in one's life where one has to make an extremely difficult decision. No, this was not that time. Given the choice between following a unicorn or keeping company with an evil, beady-eyed rabbit, I chose the former. It wasn't a hard choice at all. I just should've chosen the latter, because where did that stupid unicorn lead me?

Back to the Fairy Town.

Unicorns were officially marked as evil from that point on.

Or So The Story Goes...

“I want to marry a prince no matter what.” She laughed. “My mother died when I was born. Papa left me to decide my own name. So, I decided that Cinderella most fit me, and look what happened. I got a stepmother and stepsisters! My stepmother is cold and selfish, and my stepsisters are ugly and stupid. What more could I ask for? All I need now is a fairy godmother and a ball. Then Prince Alexander will fall in love with me, and we’ll live happily ever after.”

“In the story Cinderella’s father died,” I told her. “And she was forced to become a maid.”

Cindy yawned, as if she thought my objections were boring. “My dear Drusilla,” she said, giving me an evil grin, “why would I have to sully my hands when I heard from Stacey that you are such a good maid? I never much liked that part of the story, personally.” She looked down at her fingernails. “But if somebody must play that part, perhaps it could be you. Don’t you spend most of your time outdoors anyway? Not very ladylike, I assure you.” Finally, she met my eyes again. “And as for papa, who’s to say that he isn’t going to die? It seems to me that fighting in a war could very well be—how should I put it?—tragic.”

Kiss of Twilight: Prelude to an Evening

Her attention stayed on me. "You've been contaminated by her, haven't you?" she asked, her hand reaching out and tucking some hair behind my ear. It was a motherly gesture, but it made me feel ill. "She raised you well, I'm sure. She's probably taught you morals. I never much cared for morals. Your sister will become the most beloved in the lands. You will be queen of Exultia: by choice or force."

"You can't do this," I said, glaring at her.

"Can't I? You seem to forget who is queen of Exultia. I'm your mother, not her."

One of the guards grabbed me and began to lead me away.

"Oh, and Helena?"

I turned, weary.

"Happy Birthday, darling."

Kiss of Twilight: In the Absence of Light

Works in Progress

Kiss of Twilight: Betrayed by the Dawn

Final book in Kiss of Twilight series.

Posted: Prologue Chapter 3

Everyone faces hardships and regrets. But without her, what will I do? Nothing will be the same, and the blame is entirely mine.

The Sparrow and the Wolf

Posted: Chapter 1

Chapters left: Not sure

Little info on it: Melina's life seems to be shrouded in darkness. Who is she, really? Why is she so powerful? In truth, she's not even mortal anymore. Long ago, she was approached by a boy (Ciel) and coerced into a quest along with the boy's brother and her cousin. This is the story of the boy's brother: Lycan. It really will shed some light on Melina's past.

The Catalyst: (temporarily on hold)

Posted: Chapter 8

Chapters left: ...hard to say. I've still got to finish writing this one.

Little info on it: My somewhat serious story. My first story for Fictionpress. It's my baaaaaby. There's supposed to be a more serious tone in this... Because it's my first story, the quality starts off horribly. It gets better with time, I think.

Summary: Girl finds out she's this 'catalyst'. Girl is supposed to be killed. However, the guy who was supposed to kill her gets an unexpected attack of conscience.

She grunted from the impact. "Put me down!" She angrily pounded on his back. "Are you listening to me? If you don't, I'll kick you! All I want is answers."

"You'll get them when we start going again," he said in his steely voice.

"No," she protested weakly. "Then you'll just ignore me."

He stopped walking to the passenger's side. "Ignore you? Hell, I'd probably never ignore you. You're the only reason I exist in this world."

"What do you mean?" she asked, pushing herself up from his back to get a look at his face.

Royal Predicament: (also temporarily on hold)

Posted: Chapter 7

Chapters left: I'd like to say that there'll be more chapters in this than the first book. I think I'm right, too.

Little info on it: Rhian returns in this Epic novel. Epic. Ha. That's a fun word. Maybe it's not Epic, but Epic was sure fun to write. Not only does she return, but so do the rest of everyone's favorite characters: Gavin, Leah, Ash, Lana, It. Also, cameo appearances (o.O)by: Ahanu (DEMON!!), Dani, Brad, Mistrel, the strange old guy, and a few more. The ending's going to have a MAJOR twist. Be forewarned.

Summary: The extremely hot prince and marriage looming in the distance. Happily Ever After? Since when did that exist in Rhian's vocabulary. Now she has to become queen of Reise. Easy task? No way! Not with QC critiquing her every move and conspirators out to destroy her... Happily Ever After just took on a new meaning...



Nominations: Round Four: Or So the Story Goes: Most Memorable; Or So the Story Goes: Most Creative Plot; Princes are Evil: Most


Round Five: Cindy, Or So the Story Goes: Best Villain

Round Six: Kiss of Twilight: Best Series

Awards: Cindy: Judge's Pick Best Villain; Kiss of Twilight: Judge's Pick Best Series

Time is Running Out

Nominations: Round One: Dru, Or So the Story Goes: Best Main Character Characterization

Awards: Dru: Best Main Character Characterization

La Campanella

Nominations: Round One: Kiss of Twilight: In the Absence of Light: Le Fantasy

Thanks for voting!

Writing Progress

The next chapter of KoT: Betrayed by the Dawn should be up on Tuesday, December 4th. Finals are finished. Boards must be studied for, but I should have some time to write either later today or Tuesday. Thank you for your patience.

Future Stories

The Quest for Evangeline

A light-hearted tale of a lazy princess sent on a quest to rescue her sister.

(First two chapters are on deviantART under ranting-n-rambling mostly because of my beta's harping to join the site and my own inability to draw.)

The Truth Behind the Painting

As children, we were inseparable. But something changed. He felt that it was too obvious and wanted something more. What could I do but follow his lead? -Felicity's story

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Ever heard the story of Cinderella? Well, so has my sister, Cindy. And she'll stop at nothing to make it a reality. Who am I? Why, I'm the ugly stepsister, of course!
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Enlightenment is such an encouraging word. It leads one to think that they gained something from knowledge. I'd rather be left in the dark, but I cannot return to that time when I was blissfully ignorant. Final book in KoT series.
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