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Oh original fic! You continue to be the dream that eludes me, the peak that I will never reach and the faeirie that I will never catch. 28 year old grrl. Human resources. Bored. I have nothing better to do with my time, single and living in the big city, than satisfy the endless plot bunnies that leap into my head. And my muse is easily distracted. The majority of my original fics are inspired by dreams I've had. My subconscious is that good. ;)

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Turntable Rani: Sulekha has it all; prestigious job at a respected corporation, stylish surgeon boyfriend, friends who idolize her, and parents who couldn't be more proud that their beloved daughter fulfilled the American dream. But when Sulekha's estranged older brother Dinesh breezes back into her life, things become a lot more complicated. Her family makes it clear that Dinesh is bad news, but Sulekha finds him fascinating and infuriating at the same time. Before she knows it, he's exposed the cracks in her carefully constructed life. She finds herself swept into Dinesh secret world, where bass lines, strobe lights, and crowded dance floors reign supreme. Sulekha is drawn to Dinesh's work as a DJ, not to mention his roguish friend and fellow DJ, Michael.

But Dinesh is estranged from her family for a reason; good Indian girls don't party all night and sleep all day, and they certainly don't drop their fast-paced corporate lifestyle to become a small-time, underground DJ. It's up to Sulekha to come to terms with the squeaky-clean life she's made for herself and the passionate music that beats within her heart, all the while making sure her family doesn't implode as tradition and collides with modernity.

The Last Breath: Advika is young woman of royal blood, a Rajput, trapped inside the besieged walls of Chittor at a time when India's reigning kings are under constant attack by Muslim invaders. Unable to embrace the traditional role of a pious and subservient woman, Advika brings her family heartache even as the enemy comes closer to victory.

Then the queen of Chittor sends out the order; the women of the city would rather die by sacrificial fire than let the invaders despoil them. But Advika has plans that don't include taking her own life. Escaping to a holy man's hermitage with her reluctant sister Kamini in tow, Advika seeks a way to make her mark on history's books by assassinating the man who destroyed everything she knew and loved: the Sultan of Delhi.

Beneath the Surface: Ever since he was a child, Dasco has seen strange things that children should not be able to see, heard curious things that children should not be able to hear. Born into a life of luxury and privilege, his parents take great care that no one is aware of their child's odd talents. As he nears adulthood, the burden of becoming a respectable businessman looms in Dasco's future.

But when Dasco takes an unexpected voyage that ends with him cursed by an evil spirit and all alone, he sees his opportunity to break free from the life he's known. Using his talents and following the advice of kind spirits, he eventually crosses paths with Nisr, a cursed hawk with a mysterious past. Together, they seek a way to free themselves from their respective prisons, but little do they know the lengths they will have to go for defying the fate that the Gauds set upon them.

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