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Well what do you know, a little space that's all about me! (^_^)

Well I'm a 19 year old student from Scotland, studying History and Sociology *makes a face* I only want to do history but they make us do two.

Hobbies and intrests include, travel, writing (obviously), reading (perpetually, there are people who have never seen the bottom half of my face!), listening to music from a very wide and varied selection, hanging out with my friends (who doesn't), anime, going to the cinema and theater and of course procrastination, which I have just about mastered. (^_^)

It would take way too long to cover all my fave books but they include, anything by Neil Gaimen, The Vampire Chronicles, the Anita Blake series, Dragonsbane, The Trick is to Keep Breathing, The Silver Wolf, 10th Kingdom, Secret Garden, The Little Princess, Second Nature...and believe me I could go on.

Fave comics are The Sandman by Neil Gaimen and Lenore by Roman Dirge. (among others but those have to be my top two)

Lets not get into fave movies cause I firmly believe there are way too many for me to have an absolute fave, suffice to say Labyrinth and the Crow are in there (^_~)

And yup, that's me in summery! (^_^)

I would just like to add that reviews are good and I even like flames, as long as you flame with intelligence, creativity, wit and flare (at least two out of the four please)! I like a good insult as much as the next person.

Quotes: "Greed is for amatures. Disorder, chaos, that's fun!" (The Crow)

"You get what everyone gets. You get a lifetime." (Death in The Sandman)

"The beast, aflame with life's sweetest happiness, is innocent of man's fall from grace. Desire burned in the wolf. Desire without concience, memory, or regret." (The Silver Wolf)

"I was almost at the door before I realised I was wearing nothing but my nightgown. A gun, but no robe. I had my priorites in order." (Anita in Blue Moon)

a fun little link if you feel like paying a visit http:///?biter=Ember+Krinard