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Jennifer: hi... um... what the hell am i suppose to say?!
Sheelerrina: that you have 11 muses?
Jennifer: and each extreamly annoying. k, got that.
Sheelerrina: *walks away muttering stuff*
Jennifer: well, to start,heres a bit about me:

Name: Jennifer (of course)
Age: 12
Birthday: April 9
Hobbies: Reading, Writing (drama, general, humour, horror), pissing off various people, playing piano
Fav Animes: Gundam Wing, Cardcaptors, Rayearth.
Fav Books: Lord of the Rings (duh..)
Fav Songs: Iris (goo goo dolls), Everything (Vertical Horizon), Ordinary Day (Vanessa Carlton)
Hair: long, dark brown (wait, why would u need to know?)
Eyes: dark brown (again)
Favourite LOTR character: Legolas, Elrohir (goes all stary eyed)
Looks like: Elrond (ack! i hate myself! it's a curse i tell you!!!)
Acts like: a mix of Pippin and Elrond (see!! the Elrond curse!!)
Country: Canada ( beams )
City: Toronto

Likes: LOTR, All elven characters of LOTR (except Elrond and Celeborn), My school (all but the males in it, and some of the rules. ex: the dress code), my friends, Music, the truth, good reasons for critisizing, good reasons for lying

Dislike: all idiotic males, all ugly males, hypocrites, critisizers, liers

Currently working on:
1) I don't want to leave you
I FINALLY POSTED THE 2ND CHAPTER!!! i don't really know if the 3rd chapter will be posted this month... if i finish typing down the chapter that is.

2) Possesion of a Prince
in need of much revision. then again, it will be posted. soon i hope. *sobs* i'm hopeless!!!

3) Ordinary day, ordinary dream
it's going to be posted! that is, if my parents will let me on my computer...

4) An odd situation
ok, this fic will be posted. but it won't be finish until i graduate from school. (personal reasons. trust me)

5) LOTR does Fairytales
exacly what the title says: the LOTR characters acts out Fairytales! i'm planing to start with snow white and the seven dwarves, then the Elves and the Shoemaker. i'll have a kick out of these ones! as for the 3rd chapter, i'll have to re-type it, because my computer got a virus, making me re-install everything, and loosing all the work i already did. luckly, i had a whole afternoon off, so i started to type tthings out again, even typing out the first chapter of a new story.

School has started. that means that i won't be updating for quite a while. i'll be writing stories, yes, but i won't have the time to type them out and post them. well, if my teacher gets to them, or my friends get to them first. so don't expect updates within 2 weeks... or a month...

TTT IS OUT ON THEATRES!!!! AND I CAN'T SEE IT!!!! I'M NOT ALLOWED!!!! I'LL DIE OF LACK OF LOTR IN MY LIFE!!!!! THE HORROR!!!! AAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! must calm down... i know i'm going to die of waiting... and other things...

Depressed by woodelf193 reviews
I was in a very dark mood when I wrote this. It doesn't matter to me if u review this. That's 4 u to decide. Please just read this though. ~Woodelf193~
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Depression reviews
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