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12/31/02:Okay, I've updated like three times in the month of Decemeber! Everyone smile and cheer for me! I've updated Dealing with the Past, As the Years go By, and Life and Love at Hogwarts, which no one seems to read or review for no apparent reason. Please read it!

Hey to all of you out there!!!

My sn of FF (Oliverwoodschic) well, that is just basically because I thought Oliver Wood in the movie was not bad looking at all (*grins*) and also I love how he is dedicated to a sport. I also love it when he smiles and when he flies on his computerized broom and just about everything about him. He is so gosh darn good looking.

I am a HUGE Harry Potter fan. That is pretty much all I write on FanFiction, or at least all I have written. If anyone knows when the fifth Harry Potter book is coming out, please e-mail me.

If you are bored, and need something to read on FF, I would greatly recommend Life, Love, and Quidditch, or Lily's Lake, and Yule-Ball Take Two, and Old Faces, New Tricks by Potterprincess or pretty much anything by silverphoenix. (All Harry Potter fics)

For books off FF, I would recommed, any of the SHARON CREECH books! They are awesome! Especially Bloomability and Ruby Holler (her newest one) if anyone has read Love that Dog by Sharon Creech, will someone please explain that book to me? I didn't get it. I also like Homesick: My Own Story by Jean Fritz, the Witch of Blackbird Pond by Elizabeth George Speare (that one is definitely one of my favorites!), Ella Enchanted (that one too!) by Gail Levine, Catherine Called Birdy (that one is absolutely halarious!), by I forget who, the Harry Potter series, other Sharon Creech books like, Absoultely Normal Chaos, Chasing Redbird, and The Wanderer. I just recently discovered how brilliant Madeleine L'Engle is too. Read all of her books especially the ones with Vicky Austin.

For Harry Potter match ups, I am shippers for:
Harry/Hermione, Ron/Lavender, Dean/Parvati, Seamus/Ginny, or Ginny/Draco, or Draco/Padma, Neville/Hannah (don't know why, just popped into my head one day)Fred/Angelina, Katie/Lee, Alicia/George, Viktor/Cho (I don't like either of them, so I just kinda pair them together, well actually viktor is okay, I guess) and Percy/Penelope.

My favorite movies are: 10 Things I Hate about you, A Knight's Tale, Miss Congeiality, Leagally Blonde, Charlies Angels, Dude Where's my Car?, Shrek, Get Over It, and Drive me Crazy, and especially Bedazzled, and also Monty Python and the Quest for the Holy Grail, and also the Princess Bride and Remember the Titans.

Some of my favorite singers and stuff are Michelle Branch, Vanessa Carlton, Alanis Morsiette (sp?), Natalie Imbruglia, Josie and the Pussycats Soundtrack (although I hated the movie) the Shrek soundtrack, Smashmouth, American Hi-Fi, Nickelback, Evan and Jared, Matchbox20, Superchic[k, Sheryl Crow, Avril Lavigne and others.

My hobbies are playing soccer, volleyball and basketball, although I am totally into Soccer. It is my all time favorite sport, and I play on a very competitive team. I also like watching football (the american kind with touchdowns) and my favorite college team is the University of Texas Longhorns. Longhorns rule! I used the like the Dallas Cowboys, until they started losing a lot, so now I like the New England Patriots. Also, even though I am not very good at it, I am into volleyball. It's a really fun sport, and I would encourage ya'll to try it. Oh and I just made the school basketball team. I can hear all of you groaning because that will take time away from my writing.

I also play violin and piano, although I am way more into soccer. Violin is okay, but I don't like piano because I am not good at it. Let's put it this way, when I have to play the piano, then it sucks, but when other people play, it's cool.

Please read my four stories, Potter and Granger (you can guess that that story is a H/Hr fan fic), Dealing with the Past (the sequel to Potter and Granger), As the Years go By, and Life and Love at Hogwarts. As the Years go By Life and Love at Hogwarts are Lily/James Potter fics. Here is a bit about each one...

Potter and Granger
This story takes place during Harry's 5th year, and there is encoutners with Voldemort, a scary new Care of Magical Creatures teacher, and so on. There is lots of more than friendliness going on between Harry and Hermione, and that is what the story revlolves around. At the end there is some new additions to Harry's life. I've gotten good feedback about it, so I think you should read it. *completed*

Dealing with the Past
This is the sequel to Potter and Granger. Basically Harry has to 'deal' with his past, hence the name, Dealing with the Past. Sirius is engaged (and will get married soon) and more things happen. Read Potter and Granger first or it might not make sense. Takes place during Harry's 6th year, and more encouters with Voldemort and more love and romances will happen. *chapter 6 up*

Life and Love at Hogwarts
This goes through Lily and Jameses' entire career at Hogwarts (starting wtih year 1) in 3rd person all knowing, but you know what Lily is doing. So the story revolves around Lily I guess you could say. I haven't got many reviews on that one, but I have got pretty good feedback on that too, so please read it and tell me what you think! Although many people either aren't reading it or don't like it and aren't reviewing. Please read & review! THIS IS LIKE THE PREQUEL TO POTTER AND GRANGER! *Chapter 7 up!*

As the Years go By
I started this fic recently. It started out as an interactive fic, and I got more ideas for it and so on. I got some good feedback on that too. It's all about Lily in 1st person POV (Lily's) and how she and her friends hate the Marauders. Well at least she thought they did, until her best friend Michelle ends up having a huge crush on Sirius and she (being the good friend she is) helps out. She talks to James about Michelle and Sirius, and ends up realizing the Marauders aren't that bad, and ends up with more than friendly feelings for James. But things don't go really smoothly. Her parents die and James is really supportive (not at the beginning though - you can tell by Chapter two). *Third chapter up!*

Also, my sister is MioneAngel, and please read her fic, Ron, Harry, Hermione and Hagrid's Secret, or something like that. It's really good. Anyways, if you need to ask questions about my stories, or if your just bored or something e-mail me at Mulegirl11334@aol.com. Okay? Okay. Thanks bye!


If anyone knows of some really good stories to read that ARE NOT R rated, then e-mail me (or REVIEW me) because I would love to read them, especially if they are yours!!! But I really only read Harry Potter and original fics, so keep that in mind. Reaslistic Fiction is my personal favorite.