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Hiya! I've decided to to shorten up my Bio a bit cuz I know it's kinda long. Well I'm 14!!! please read my stories. I love Card Captor Sakura (S/S) and Sailor Moon (S/U)stories. My favorite type of Anime is shoujo and future/space anime (Cowboy, Outlaw) and I also love comedy shows! My favorite type of books are fantasy and mystery. My favorite author is Tamora Pierce like many of you. My favorite JPop singer is the beautiful and talented Utada Hikaru, I wish her luck on her marriage ^_^. Well that is all I have to say. Ja Ja!

Question of The Decade: Do We Live To Watch Anime...or Do We Watch Anime To Live?

Dreams: Go to an anime convention. Go to Japan. Meet Naoko Takeuchi, Watase Yuu, and Rumiko T. Become fluent in Japanese. Meet Bow Wow (hearts in eyes)

Always With You-Half way done!
Sailor Moon D: About 5 Pages Done
Falling Cherry Blossoms: Chapter 5 is up as of Feb. 12!
A Forbidden Love: Chapter 22 is up as of Feb. 9
A Chance For Romance In America: Haven't started.
Fushigi Yuugi-Almost done!

Request: If anybody out there knows a good website where you can download Hikki (Utada Hikaru) music videos in RealVideo (.rm) format please email me. My new email address is listed above.

NEWS: Adult Swim Action (anime one) during sometime over the winter monthes (I think Jan.) Adult Swim Action will be airing on weeknights (Mon-Thurs.) from 11 PM-? This is because CN found out that children under age stay up to watch it. This sux!!! No more InuYasha and Yu Yu Hakusho for me!!!! T_T
~Kou Usagi
~Kawaii Tenshi (Alt. Personality)

AN: The reason I took so long to update was because I moved, then my computer broke down when the internet ppls came to fix it and I haven't had the inernet for almost 2 months! Sorree but it wasn't all my fault.