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Redd's Bio

Real name: Amber. But that is all I shall divulge.

Age: 21

Schooling: Senior in college, English major

Hobbies:drawing, watching anime, reading manga, writing stories, watching sci-fi, playing video games, watching Invader ZIM, Avatar: The Last Airbender, reading fanfiction/fiction rants...

Current muse: HYDE from L'arc~en~Ciel. I've never seen such a beautiful man...(le sigh)

Famous Quote:
"Fail. Fail again. Fail better."

Notes to future readers: I love reviews. I don't care what you say. It could even be a passing comment about the weather, I don't care. Please say something. Even just an "it's good," or an "it needs work," I want to hear it. Also be aware that not all stories on this account are award winning. Especially ones with earlier dates...(Seven Lights, I'm looking at you with your lack of character development and cliched plot). Please be assured these are only here to remind me of where I came from. They are here for you to mock, but are not to be taken too seriously.

Interesting things:
Because I'm sure every author does it at some point: I draw my characters. I consider myself an okay artist, so feel free to look in and tell me how I can improve.

Formerly Known as Ruby

Ladon's Masks

More is to come.

Current Projects:
The Last Fairy Tale- NaNoWriMo '06 story/ongoing project. Tess was just your average damsel in distress taken by a dragon, but when her prince doesn't come, she and the dragon team up to find him. On the way they find other things in storybook world are a bit amiss... (despite the fact that I love the broad scope there are some holes in plot and characterization that I am hoping to overhaul)
The Seven Lights- Will be revised one day. I promise. There has to be a more intelligent way to do that story than the way I did it when I was thirteen (There is, I have an idea, but I have no time...)
Days: It's about a kid named Asa and growing up in a fantasy world. No, there's no real journey. No there's no eminent threat to humanity. It's just a coming of age story and how, with his family and friends, they learn to cope with life's every day problems. Normal life has drama too. (Fantasy: General/Action/Adventure/some Romance)

Finished Work:
Luna's Sol

Main Characters: Nigel, Mireya
Secondary Characters: Raye, Rune, Dorian, Toxity
My Personal Favorite: Raye

My NaNoWriMo '05 story. This is finished in terms of I got to the end. It is not finished in terms of I must rewrite it. Seriously, Mireya is cute and all, and Nigel is...himself, but I can't help but feel that the story and characters are too flat. They all need a little fleshing out.

The Hour House

Main Characters: Molly, Gilbert
Secondary Characters: Gringolet, Lucy, Madgelie, Alfred
My Personal Favorite: The giant dark matter creature

My NaNoWriMo '08 story. What began as a well meaning advance in science, became a disaster that was unprecidented. The answer as to how to survive this disaster lies within the walls of a mysterious house and only Molly and Gilbert can unlock its secrets. This is also once again finished only in the spirit that I got to the end. I'm currently going through a first edit of the manuscript

Stories I Will Write One Day:

Romeo and Juliet: The Way it SHOULD Have Happened: It shall be known to the world that I HATE "Romeo and Juliet" with a passion. I don't hate Shakespeare, but I hate that play. I mean there's no build up of a relationship at all and I hate stupid teenager love. So I'm writing it the way I want it to be written. This isn't a set in stone thing, but maybe it will come. (General Fiction: Humor/Parody/Mystery/Romance)

Seven Lights: Yes, a redoing of my old story. Erika is a girl obsessed with video games, as are her friends Thomas and Wren. So when she and a bunch of her classmates are asked to try out a new virtual system, they volunteer willingly. However, there are a few unexpected complications...and their life becomes one fantasy video game cliche after another... (Sci Fi: Action/Adventure)

Guardians: Everyone hears about the chosen one. Everyone lauds and praises the chosen one. No one really cares about the people who got them to the point where they can be strong and valient. Three young royals are designated to guide and teach the next chosen one who hasn't even been conceived yet. One person sees that their existence can change the course of history and wants them all dead. Can these three pull themselves together in time to save their own lives and ensure the safety of others? (Fantasy: Action/Adventure)

Creative Theory: (title subject to change) Well...I can't really say much about this until The Last Fairy Tale is finished or close to finished. It's kind of reliant on you knowing a few things and we're no where near that yet. So sit tight for this one. (Fantasy: Action/Adventure/Romance)


The Hour House is finally done. It's up for all to enjoy for the moment. I'm still looking for the anonymous reviewer sus. Whoever you are, I really would like to get in contact with you. Your opinions are valid, and I'm sad I can't at least properly thank you for pointing out some things I thought, but didn't know how to express.

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