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Well I suppose I should say something about myself... Hmmm... Ok I'm pretty much your normal Canadian gal. going to university in administration (although I should be in arts or litterature or film making or something artsy...)

I love music! its my passion (well one of them...) Love mostly canadian rock bands (moist, tea party, matthew good band) and others (u2, savage garden. blah blah blah) Oh and I've recently become a new addition to the "Davehead" secte... meaning... I love the Dave Matthews Band!!! Saw them in concert just this past Saturday...

Another passion... reading! My favourite author has to be Alexandre Dumas (you know the three mustketeers guy??) of course you do! I only read his books in french (death to translations!!) and I very much like T.S. Eliot (whispers of immortality, very deep and philosphical...)

Oh and I'm a recent Lord of the Rings maniac... recent? yes itsa long story... y'see when I was about 3 or 4, my dad bought me a lotr (the 1978 cartoon) movie book and well what can I say?? the book had really scary pics (orcs, uruk-hai, even saruman) so i was really really scared so I cast away that book forever (I hid because I was too scared to even look at the cover, i'm serious!!) Then some over 15 years later a friend of mine asked me to see LOTR and I reluctantly said yes... and adored it! So now I'm catching up for the last 15 years i missed out!

Enough said! I'm such a blabber mouth! Ok go read my stories and please be so kind as to lemme know of your opinion I believe in democracy, let your opinion be heard! Ok Ciao!

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Hi hi! Yes yes I know! Karina's incredibly slow with updates! I'm sorry! But not to worry! I'm making excellent progress with the next chapters for The Space Between and Elves in Space. Hopefully these will be out soon! As in some time early next week (Jan 6th or something...) Sorry to keep you all waiting. Yes I have been reading my reviews and thank you very very very much for each and every one of them! So not to worry sometime this week end or very early next week there should be an update from me! Yay!

Have a nice day!

Karina :)