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Formerly Kinomoto Sakura-sama, Satan Videl-chan, and Goddess Althena. I am a really Big fan of Sailor Moon, DBGT, Yu-Gi-Oh!, Zoids, Pokemon, and Card Captor Sakura! I also love LUNAR!!!! Due to recent updates, lemons are no longer allowed on, but I'll still write them for those who want them. If one is available for a fic, I will put it in the chapter, and you can email me for it with the name of the fic as the subject.

Recently, people have been emailing me for the lemons without reading the story itself. Let me make this perfectly clear... NOT ALL FICS ARE FINISHED! The lemons will be announced ready when I get to that part of the story. If you can't wait that long, go to a porn site or something. Be glad I even WRITE lemons for you people.

Speaking of writing things for people, I get writers block very easily and am always looking for something new to write up to hold me over. If you want me to write something SHORT for you, let me know.(I MAY make it longer if I like it.) If you are an author who wants an idea for the next chapter, I can type it out, or at least give you ideas. I ask for no royalties, and you don't have to mention I helped write it.