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It's been a while since I posted anything, mostly due to inane personal reasons. It doesn't really matter who I am or who reads this, I just feel the need to share my stories somehow. I don't appreciate flames, but constructive criticism is welcome. I tend to skip between stories at random will, and find it hard to stick to a single "series" as it is. I love to write anime-magna-ish stories. There are two stories I've been sticking to, however, though I don't have any real titles, since that is my weakest point.

Lonely Days - A girl who detests the thoughts of love, and a boy who wishes to be alone. What happens when they meet?

(Title and description make it sound more depressing than it is.) This is my semi-attempt at a romance-ish story that I felt compelled to write. It's sometimes random, and has a lot of weird characters. I've never written a story like this. Remember that I’m writing it purely for fun, but I still feel I need to share it, so please be nice. I don’t consider it purely romance even though I put it as such. I don’t like the term general, but it has a lot of the other goodies in it besides romance. (Hopefully)

Also, please forgive my sometimes quiet sloppy proofreading! (Also number two, I won't delete my previous stories, but I probably won't update them either.) Also number three, now with brackets! I have a tendency to reuse certain characters and certain names, but I can't help it if I love them so much.




Wow haven't updated here for a while. Okay, so i put up a facebook for Lunar Phoenix, so search for me with the e-mail from this profile page to find it. I know it's annoying to go through the human-proof thing to get my e-mail. but I've been getting a lot of bots on here lately

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