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Okay, you want a bio! Since my life story's not very interesting, I think I'll just answer some questions. I really do sympathise with whoever is bored enough to read this...

What's your name? Thorned Rose, but it's Maddie to my friends. Or something probably not very nice to my enemies

How old are you? Twenteen-one, yes you read that right. I'm not gonna stop being a teenager =)

Where do you live? South East Ireland

Birthplace? Liverpool, England.

Marital Status? Confused at the moment. Dammit.

Ok then. Hobbies? I'm not especially sporty, but I'd rather enter competitions for fun rather than winning. Writing's definitely one of my fave pastimes anyway! Not too bad at art when I feel like it. Erm, photography, dressmaking, and probably other stuff I can't remember right now.

Favourite bands/artists? A.F.I., Dead or Alive (before the monster look, Lordi already called dibs on that), Machine Head, Slipknot, Nightwish, Rammstein, Placebo, Wednesday 13, Weezer, The Offspring, HIM, Muse, some songs by Marilyn Manson and KoRn, Green Day, The Red Hot Chili Peppers, Lordi, System Of A Down, L'Arc~en~Ciel, Yuji Ueda, Malice Mizer, Siam Shade, Two-Mix, Arch Enemy, Strapping Young Lad, Panic Cell, Kinks, Bob Dylan, Weird Al Yankovich, Guns n Roses, Alice Cooper, Rufus Wainright, Drowning Pool...Depends on my mood really.

Pets? A few cats.

Most embarrassing moment? Classified information.

Darn. Worst memory of something that happened to you? Take your pick: cervical cancer where I ended up with just about everything removed. Being treated as crap by just about any guy I've been involved with (and a girl or two). Going through a hell of an assault at the start of 2006. Plenty of miscarriages. Got my apartment robbed two days after quitting my job at the end of the lease. Sodomised when walking home at lunch by some stranger. Had a nervous breakdown at college. Raped at graduation ball by date.

Erm, Not sure what to say. Anything else? Attempted suicide.

Yikes, what happened? Blade+depression+me alone in my room+use your imagination=what happened. And that's only one of my creative paths of self-destruction. Next please.

Ok, I won't dwell on it. Next worse moment? Haemorrhaging and nearly dying from blood loss. Boyfriend coming to hospital then subsequently ditching me just before my birthday.

Errr, are you always this cheerful? Favourite animé? Sometimes even more so! Rurouni Kenshin, Samurai Deeper Kyo, Wolf's Rain, Vampire Princess Miyu, Fruits Basket, Outlaw Star...I watched Pokémon (not as if it wasn't obvious already, oh no...), Yu-Gi-Oh! Legend of the Dragon Kings, and I was just starting to watch Sailor Moon when they took it off the tv. Oh well, Gundam Wing and Endless Waltz soon filled the void! Mr Men is an honourary anime, reminds me of my childhood before we moved.

Favourite character(s)? Jessie and James are two different people! I have decided now that Ash Ketchum serves a purpose; if he wasn't there, then there would be no outlet for useless ideas and sadistic movements, to convince kiddies that extreme dictatorship is correct...erm, don't tell anyone you heard that from me Sagara Sanosuke and Makoto Shishio rule Rurouni Kenshin hands down, followed closely by Hajime Saitoh. Aside from them, I like Bryan Fury, Heihachi Mishima and Nina Williams from the Tekken series, Draco Malfoy, Severus Snape, Artemis Fowl, Dante from Devil May Cry, Joey Wheeler, Seto Kaiba, Mai Valentine, Zoycite, Malachite, Zoisite, Kunzite, Duo Maxwell, Trowa Barton, Treize Khushrenada, Zechs Merquise...

ENOUGH! Erm, reasons for spending hours typing? The dubs won't satisfy my twisted needs (if ANYTHING out of my works are ever on screen, I would be rather surprised to say the absolute least), and reviews are my heroin, they're addictive!

Okay you like reviews, but why are your needs twisted? If it took years before 'Beauty and the Beach' could be aired, I don't think most of my plotlines (drunken stripathon...) would be deemed 'suitable' for the supposedly naïve children of the world. Heck, a good portion of it isn't suitable for adults to read and not be affected by it either!

Things that bug you? Where to start...people who park illegally and lock you in (ALWAYS be armed with lipstick to write on their window, best use of the stuff ever!) People who play mind games deliberately...people who lie for some sadistic pleasure of theirs...losing poking wars and coming out incredibly bruised and battered in spite of it not hurting at the time...people who read stuff on here or similar places and CANNOT be bothered to write anything...people who do the previous and add you to their favourites without emailing or reviewing at all, I get the "if you have nothing good to say don't say it" thing but it seriously pisses me off when you spend a long time writing something, especially the ADOTH/DPHF epic and you can see who added you to favourites and the number of hits each chapter gets and yet the reviews are slim to none. Surely you don't read something you hate for that long and still say nothing??? (((deep breaths)))

Favourite writers? AmiThest, Anna Sartin, Senshi Of Ruin, Seveninchsprockets, Snow and Team Rocket Sapphire. Check out their work, it's pretty impressive!

Favourite school related joke? Huh? Chemistry: If you're not part of the solution, you're part of the concentrate.

Favourite car sticker! I won't ask where these are coming from, I don't think I want to know. "Be alert. The nation needs more lerts" Er, right.

What exactly is a lert? That's the point!

One final question, what do you have planned to write in the future? I intend to finish off anything on here and upload other stuff that has yet to be shown the light of day. Also I have stuff on After that, not too sure! Maybe I'll try poetry again for a while, so we'll see what happens then.

Thanks for your time, and we hope to see more of your work up soon! You're welcome, and remember, if you want to, you can e-mail me whenever you want! Talk to me long enough you get advances!

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