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Ordinary Life and All Its Complexities

•13th June 2009•

Revamped chapters 1-3 are now up! To those reading Truth Behind Reality for the first time, thank you for getting on board with this little crazy project, I hope you enjoy the ride. To my faithful readers and reviewers, thank you so much for all your support!! It truly does mean a lot! I'm slowly getting there and you'll just love Episode Seven!!

Hope you all have a wonderful week!

Much Love,
•·.·´¯·.·•I await for you to wake me•·.·´¯·.·•

•1st June 2009•

To My Beautiful Readers!

I know it sucks whenever authors pull stories down for re-writes so I hope you don’t hate me for doing it!

I wrote Truth Behind Reality back in 2005 when I was seventeen and so my writing was still developing and pretty amateurish. I was also lacking time and commitment in posting up chapters regularly.

I thankfully have some time to focus on writing again and the first thing I wanted to do was to go back to this wonderful story and give it a little ‘face-lift’. I’m excited to write this world again and share it with you all once more.

Currently, my writing is by no means at a professional standard but it’s hopefully not as awkward as my writing was at seventeen either. I’ve learnt how to structure sentences more concisely. And so I thought I’d do Isabelle and the others justice by writing their story to the best of my writing ability.

Thank you again to my dear readers, old and new for the support. It’s just the encouragement I needed to get back into writing! Damn it feels great to be back!

Well, gee SleepingAngel, that’s good and all, but what’s actually changed?

Aside from the awkward writing, nothing much has changed. All the characters you’ve come to know and love are all still here (with their original names intact) and the story remains the same.

If nothing much has changed, what’s the point of pulling the other chapters down?

I decided to pull the others down because of you guys. I didn’t want you to be confused with the little changes I would be doing and constantly putting up editing notes and author’s notes at the end of each chapter to point out things that I might have changed. At least with re-posting each chapter, it’s a clean slate and everyone knows exactly what’s going on rather than confusing everyone with annoying author’s notes every time.

I’ve read the first six chapters you posted. Would I have to re-read everything again?!

For my readers who have followed the story since its beginning and for the others who have read the first 6 chapters, you guys get to know way ahead of everyone else what’s to come.

I hope you continue to hang tight with me until I get Chapter Seven out. I plan to have it done for you in the first week of June. And no, you don’t have to re-read everything…but you’re welcome to! ;)

Looking forward to hearing from you all! Thanks for your patience!

Much Love,
•·.·´¯·.·•I await for you to wake me•·.·´¯·.·•

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