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Hola Peeps *-_-*! As you will probably notice all my fanfics are on Harry Potter,because that is my favorite book, and it's the easiest to slash!! I like to write Romance slash alot so if you dont like those kind of fics do me and yourself a favor DONT READ THEM! And if you do read them,dont give me a bad review because you dont like slash,I hate people that do that!
I know my pen name isnt original,but whose is? Everybodys pen name originates from someone or something,there are
very few pens that dont.
Its harder making up pen names then it is to write fan fic anyways.
Besides writing slash I enjoy playing the clarinet (..And this one time at band I also like reading the Harry Potter series(uhh..Duh!)and Lord of the Rings. Music that I like is Rap and alternative. Mostly Eminem,Sum 41,Blink 182,Disturbed,Alien Ant Farm,D12,and Creed.
Well I have to go and write more fics,and if your here becuz I slashed you,dont get all jealous and slash me becuz thats childish,I hate flaming people,but if I really feel your story sucked I cant resist so im sorry if I flamed you and if thats the reason you are reading my stupid bio, that's probably the worst thing I have ever written.
Peace out!
BTW: If any of my stories plots sound familiar to some1 elses story that is compleatly coincidental
~* AngelFire *~